Sprint in Randa: Done? Not!

Jun 8, 2011 | 1 minute read

Tags: Kanban, KDE, Platform11, Sprint

The developer sprints in Randa are officially over. I spent my first full day at home today, and it feels almost odd to be in my quiet office after all the energized atmosphere we got there during a full week.

Anyway, remember the Platform11 Kanban we setup on the first day? Well, here is how it looked on the last night:

Platform11 Kanban on the last night

I think we made “some” progress. And that’s not counting the technical tasks which got handled in a separate Kanban. If we had another day I wonder where we would have put the done tasks. As you might notice on the picture above we simply reached the floor in the “Done” column. :-)


So, is everything said and done now? Well, not really, what we did really was putting into motion the on-going effort which will lead us to the first iteration of the KDE Frameworks. We tried to create the tracks in Randa, and I’m looking forward to get on the train for this exciting journey!

The journey starts here