Hi, I'm Kevin

I’m a Libre Software Craftsman.



My name is Kevin Ottens and I live in France. In general, I love to learn new things regularly which can be technical or about soft skills. Because of that depending who you talk to, you can get a very different picture:

  • Software Craftsman, since I’m a developer by trade and I like to share new insights on the job with others;
  • Free Software Hacker, since I’m involved in several projects, most notably with KDE;
  • Community Whisperer, since I study communities and help with their stewardship when I can;
  • Graphic Facilitator, since I like to do sketchnotes or help meetings using live scribing or innovation games;
  • Researcher, since I also have an academic background in general and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence in particular;
  • Aikidoka, since I’ve been practicing this martial art for years.

But really even in the different facets above, I always feel like there’s more to learn and more progress to be made. In fact I’m just a mere explorer.

If you want more exhaustive and professional information, you can also download my formal resume.


Latest Post

May 14, 2021

Web Review, Week 2021-19

Let’s go for my web review for the week 2021-19. Branch predictor: How many “if”s are too many? Including x86 and M1 benchmarks! Tags: tech, cpu, performance This is a very interesting deep dive in how branch predictors work. Also comparing timing profiles between different families of CPUs. https://blog.cloudflare.com/branch-predictor/ The price of dynamic memory: Allocation - Johny’s Software Lab Tags: tech, memory, performance Interesting piece covering: how a memory allocator works, why it can be slow, how to use it the best way possible and how to pick an allocator for your project. Read more


To get in touch with me you can use email, Mastodon or IRC (‘ervin’ on the freenode network).

When possible I sign my messages using my GPG key ID 8DEC C9E2.

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