Hi, I'm Kevin

I’m a Libre Software Craftsman.



My name is Kevin Ottens and I live in France. In general, I love to learn new things regularly which can be technical or about soft skills. Because of that depending who you talk to, you can get a very different picture:

  • Software Craftsman, since I’m a developer by trade and I like to share new insights on the job with others;
  • Free Software Hacker, since I’m involved in several projects, most notably with KDE;
  • Community Whisperer, since I study communities and help with their stewardship when I can;
  • Graphic Facilitator, since I like to do sketchnotes or help meetings using live scribing or innovation games;
  • Researcher, since I also have an academic background in general and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence in particular;
  • Aikidoka, since I’ve been practicing this martial art for years.

But really even in the different facets above, I always feel like there’s more to learn and more progress to be made. In fact I’m just a mere explorer.

If you want more exhaustive and professional information, you can also download my formal resume.


Latest Post

May 24, 2024

Web Review, Week 2024-21

Let’s go for my web review for the week 2024-21. Gender bias in open source: Pull request acceptance of women versus men Tags: tech, foss, bias A bit too GitHub centric for my taste. Still it shows some unwarranted bias, especially when outsiders to a project are identified as women. We should do better. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/308716997_Gender_bias_in_open_source_Pull_request_acceptance_of_women_versus_men BitKeeper, Linux, and licensing disputes: How Linus wrote Git in 14 days Tags: tech, foss, version-control, linux, git, history Read more


To get in touch with me you can use email, Mastodon or IRC (‘ervin’ on the freenode network).

When possible I sign my messages using my GPG key ID 8DEC C9E2.

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