Sooo... People recovering from last night party hangover as I'm typing, attending the first talk of the day. And suddenly, an idea crossed my mind: in order to satisfy Aaron Seigo megalomania, we should start an "Aaron Seigo's facts" website. Here is my first contribution to it:

"Aaron doesn't have a God complex, it is God who has an Aaron complex".

Hugs everyone!

Posted on 04 Jul 2010
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If anyone out there wonder why Aaron Seigo's blog is down, the reason is pretty simple... Its author got burnt out because of some of the poisonous people in our project. The story started several weeks ago (probably even months ago) with constant bashing of some of the decisions taken in the Plasma project (which is not a one person project by the way). It culminated last week with very rude and useless mail threads on kde-devel, and yesterday on the dot with personal attacks.

That's why Aaron decided to retire from the public and do what he truely loves: code. No more blogs, minimal involvement on lists and IRC to ensure coordination with the other developers. That's what we obtained after those weeks of angry poisonous mobs. You might think: "well you can ignore them". Really? Could you? Such people can bring a lot of stop energy. Really a lot of it, and that worries me. It seems that the project I love is not a nice place to live in anymore.

When we are able to turn down one of our public face, someone very active and energetic, we really crossed a line. Of course, we could shake head, and think "tsss, those poisonous people, they've no idea what they're doing". That's even probably what we did during those weeks of bashing... and still we let it happen. I think that's the most frightening side of the issue: nobody stepped up, and no actions are taken to make KDE a better place again. Oh, and don't worry, I have my share of guilt in this story... I didn't step up either.

Worse than the stop energy carried by poisonous people, there's the apathy of your peers. I don't want that anymore! We have to end it!

Of course, I'd like to propose a way out, but I've not much to propose. Here are my attempts at bringing some improvements proposing some actions which could be taken (in no particular order):

  • Recruit more editors for the dot, as far as I know they're overbooked and can hardly moderate it;
  • To help the dot editors, we have to improve it's engine with a real moderation system (how come most news site I know have one but not the dot?);
  • Write a code of conduct (probably something for the e.V. membership), and publish it as soon as possible;
  • Enforce it, especially on mailing lists and on bugzilla, mediating as necessary, and banning people in the most extreme cases.

That's definitely not much, but that's a start... More ideas are welcome, but most of all: acts are needed. We must stop this kind of behavior.

PS: I'm not linking any thread, bugreport or mails on purpose. I don't want to point finger. Aaron's reaction is a symptom of something broken in our community (in the broad sense, all contributors and users included) it's just an example (and not the first case). If you want specifics, do your homework and dig our archives it's all public anyway.

Posted on 25 Jun 2008
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So two weeks ago was my last day in Calgary. Aaron basically explained a lot of stuff already and he's a much better blogger than I am. That's why I won't add much... That said, I'll keep a particular thought from the day trip in Banff which was truely amazing. The Canadian Rockies are a very specific landscape, the shape of the mountains looked exotic to me. Such a perfect day.

Also, to be fair, Aaron told about a particular chipmunk we met there. No, I don't have fifty pictures or it, and yes I have twenty pictures of it... So, for the first time, let me introduce in all his glory, and in FullHD(tm), Bob Chipmunk!

Bob Chipmunk: D'oh! I'm full!

Posted on 29 Jun 2007
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I usually don't write "qotd" posts, but I really had to share this one!

<aseigo> so yes, now you can just mention ovulation and i'll come a 'runnin

'nough said... :-)

Posted on 12 Jan 2007
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While discussing some Plasma related stuff with Aaron, I raised some concerns about the name "plasmoid" used for Plasma applets:

[00:04:54] <ervin> well that's just another name for "plasma applets" ;)
[00:05:05] <ervin> 'plasmets' :D
[00:05:09] <aseigo> plaslets?
[00:05:10] <aseigo> ahaha
[00:05:23] <aseigo> GET OUT OF MY HEAD! ;)
[00:05:25] <ervin> stop reading my mind :p
[00:05:30] <aseigo> rofl
[00:05:32] <ervin> d'oh! :D

So now, I have a proof! Aaron has a mind reading device (possibly a plasmoid)! Or we simply have a kind of mental connection... scary!

Well, that reminds me that I have a "teleporter plasmoid" on my TODO...

Posted on 15 Sep 2005
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