Mind reading plasmoid!

Sep 15, 2005 | 1 minute read

Tags: aseigo, Funny, KDE, Plasma

While discussing some Plasma related stuff with Aaron, I raised some concerns about the name “plasmoid” used for Plasma applets:

[00:04:54] ervin: well that’s just another name for “plasma applets” ;)
[00:05:05] ervin: ‘plasmets’ :D
[00:05:09] aseigo: plaslets?
[00:05:10] aseigo: ahaha
[00:05:23] aseigo: GET OUT OF MY HEAD! ;)
[00:05:25] ervin: stop reading my mind :p
[00:05:30] aseigo: rofl
[00:05:32] ervin: d’oh! :D

So now, I have a proof! Aaron has a mind reading device (possibly a plasmoid)! Or we simply have a kind of mental connection… scary!

Well, that reminds me that I have a “teleporter plasmoid” on my TODO…