Let’s go for my web review for the week 2024-22.

The next decade of the web | James’ Coffee Blog

Tags: tech, web, social-media, democracy

Very nice piece. Hopefully it’ll push people to remember that the big social media enclosures are not really the Web. We can have more democracy on the Web again if we collectively want to.

How does AI impact my job as a programmer? – Chelsea Troy

Tags: tech, programming, debugging, teaching, gpt, copilot

Definitely this. In a world where LLM would actually be accurate and would never spit outright crappy code, programmers would still be needed. It’d mean spending less time writing but more time investigating and debugging the produced code.

When privacy expires: how I got access to tons of sensitive citizen data after buying cheap domains

Tags: tech, dns, privacy, security

Or why you should let domain simply expire, there’s plenty of work to do before that.

Instead of “auth”, we should say “permissions” and “login” | nicole@web

Tags: tech, security, communication

The words we use indeed matter. This is definitely a domain where we should avoid ambiguities…

arighi’s blog: Extend your battery life with scx_rustland

Tags: tech, linux, system, processes

Interesting results. It’s especially nice to see how sched-ext allows to easily iterate and experiment with process scheduling strategies.

Evolution of the ELF object file format | MaskRay

Tags: tech, system, unix, elf, history

Definitely a complicated history… this doesn’t make the evolution or documentation of it easy.

Never reason from the results of a sampling profiler – Daniel Lemire’s blog

Tags: tech, performance, optimization, profiling

Definitely to keep in mind when using sampling profilers indeed. They’re useful, they help to get a starting point in the analysis but they’re far from enough to find the root cause of a performance issue.

PyPy has been quietly working for me for several years now

Tags: tech, python

This definitely shows PyPy as a successful runtime.

Let’s optimize! Running 15× faster with a situation-specific algorithm

Tags: tech, python, performance, optimization

Another good example of how to speed up some Python code with nice gains.

What is a collision? — On Error Resume Next

Tags: tech, 2d, collision, physics, simulation

Good introduction to collision resolution inside of physics engines.

matcha.css | Drop-in semantic styling library in pure CSS

Tags: tech, web, frontend, css

Looks like a nice CSS library for the semantic styling of web content.

Why, after 6 years, I’m over GraphQL

Tags: tech, graphql, complexity

Shows well why you likely don’t want to use GraphQL. The chances you need the extra complexity and caveats are very slim.

Don’t Microservice, Do Module

Tags: tech, architecture, microservices, complexity

Since this particular fad apparently doesn’t want to die… this is a good reminder about why you want to do something simpler.

My BDFL guiding principles |

Tags: tech, foss, governance

Not necessarily my favorite governance model, but if you’re on that scheme… those are good guiding principles.

To the brain, reading computer code is not the same as reading language | MIT News

Tags: tech, programming, cognition, neuroscience

Interesting research! Is reading code a math and logic task? Is it a language task? Well… it might be its own thing.

Bye for now!