Let’s go for my web review for the week 2024-17.

AI isn’t useless. But is it worth it?

Tags: tech, ai, gpt, copilot, criticism, work

It is an interesting essay. It leans on the side of “assistants are useful for simple coding tasks” and it’s a bit more critical when it’s about writing. The stance is original I find, yes it can help with some writing tasks, but if you look at the writing tasks you can expedite this way… if you wish to expedite them isn’t it a sign that they were providing little value in the first place? Is the solution the assistant or changing the way you work? Indeed this might hide some busy work otherwise.

Magic Numbers | blarg

Tags: tech, networking, history

Interesting facts about how the ethernet frame MTU came to be 1500 bytes.

Guiding users away from cd and ls :: Terminal Click — Bringing Dead Text to Life

Tags: tech, command-line, terminal

Interesting ideas for terminal emulators and shells. Maybe will make their way in other software.

Tips on Adding JSON Output to Your CLI App - Brazil’s Blog

Tags: tech, json, command-line

Nice set of advices. There are interesting things to do on the command line with more JSON output. It needs to be easy to work with though.

Modern Linux mounts a lot of different types of virtual filesystems

Tags: tech, linux, filesystem

There is indeed a jungle of virtual filesystems nowadays. That doesn’t make it easy to filter only for the “real” ones.

Shared libs, rpath and the runtime linker

Tags: tech, system, linux, linking, debugging

This can sometimes be confusing. Here are a couple of tips about debugging rpath and linker errors.

Coverage Guided Fuzzing - Extending Instrumentation to Hunt Down Bugs Faster! - Include Security Research Blog

Tags: tech, tests, security, fuzzing

Maybe a bit dry, but gives a good idea of how a fuzz testing harness works. And also how it can be tweaked.

HTML attributes vs DOM properties -

Tags: tech, html, web, frontend

There are differences between attributes on the HTML side and properties on the DOM side. This can quickly get confusing, here is a good reference for it.

3 important things I overlooked during code reviews | Piglei

Tags: tech, codereview, programming

Indeed, naming, comments and communication styles are three aspects often overlooked during reviews. They are very important though and shouldn’t be neglected.

First Come First Served: The Impact of File Position on Code Review

Tags: tech, codereview, cognition

I guess we kind of suspected it, this studies tends to prove it. Defects are more easily found in the first files of a code review rather than in the last ones.

Random musings on the Agile Manifesto – NeoPragma LLC

Tags: tech, agile, criticism

Interesting musings indeed. That’s lesser heard opinions about the manifesto and its origins. Good food for thought.

Calculus Made Easy

Tags: mathematics, learning

I didn’t know this book. It is written in a surprising style, but it’s very much down to earth and to the point. For sure a good way to learn calculus.

You Are What You Read, Even If You Don’t Always Remember It - Jim Nielsen’s Blog

Tags: reading, knowledge

Very good point. You might not remember the content, but if it impacted the way you think it did its job.

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