Let’s go for my web review for the week 2024-11.

The Getty Makes Nearly 88,000 Art Images Free to Use However You Like | Open Culture

Tags: foss, culture, art

This is a big and relevant release for open and freely accessible culture.

Announcing Speedometer 3.0: A Shared Browser Benchmark for Web Application Responsiveness

Tags: tech, browser, frontend, web, performance, benchmarking

This is nice to see a new benchmark being published. This seems to follow real life scenarios. We can expect browser engines performance to increase.

Rebuilding FourSquare for ActivityPub using OpenStreetMap – Terence Eden’s Blog

Tags: tech, fediverse, map, geospatial

Neat early experiments on query OSM for nearest potential point of interests and of geolocation support in ActivityPub implementations.

S3 is files, but not a filesystem

Tags: tech, cloud, storage, amazon

A good explanation of the S3 pros and cons.

Not so quickly extending QUIC

Tags: tech, networking, protocols, standard, quic

Interesting stuff coming in that space, but at a very slow pace. This is unfortunate since it makes adoption slower too.

Cloning a laptop over NVME TCP

Tags: tech, storage, networking

Very interesting trick! I didn’t know you could use NVME over TCP. This is indeed perfect for cloning a laptop. This sounds slow but this is the kind of things you can run over night.

How HEAD works in git

Tags: tech, tools, git, version-control

Good explanations on how HEAD works in git and what it means. It’s indeed one of those terms where the consistency isn’t great in git.

A TUI Git client inspired by Magit

Tags: tech, git, command-line

Looks like an interesting Git user interface. I’ll take it out for a spin.

C++ safety, in context – Sutter’s Mill

Tags: tech, c++, memory, safety

Excellent piece from Herb Sutter once again. This is a very well balanced view about language safety and how far C++ could go in this direction. This is a nice call to action, would like to see quite some of that happen.

A Tale of Two Standards

Tags: tech, standard, portability, unix, linux, posix, windows, history

An old article, but a fascinating read. This gives a good account on the evolution of POSIX and Win32. The differences in design and approaches are covered. Very much recommended.

Screen Space Reflection

Tags: tech, 3d, shader

Interesting walk through of a shader to compute reflections in a scene.

My favourite animation trick: exponential smoothing | lisyarus blog

Tags: tech, graphics, animation

A deep dive in the properties of exponential smoothing for animations. It’s often overlooked.

cohost! - “Rotation with three shears”

Tags: tech, graphics, history

Fascinating trick in 2d graphics. Not really useful nowadays, but interesting.

What Mob Programming is Bad At • Buttondown

Tags: tech, optimization, pairing, mob-programming

Interesting take and theory about pair and mob programming. Indeed finding the right path to optimize a piece of code is likely harder in such setups.

40 years of programming

Tags: tech, craftsmanship, career

Very interesting insights from someone who’s been practicing this trade for a long time. I agree with most of it, it’s inspiring.

On The Importance of Getting The Foundations Right - Cybernetist

Tags: tech, engineering, craftsmanship, architecture

Definitely this. The difference between a well performing team and one delivering subpar software is the basics of our trade. Minding your data models, your architectures and the engineering practices will get you a long way.

Work on tasks, not stories | nicole@web

Tags: tech, project-management, agile

Definitely this. The distinction between stories and tasks is an important one. Don’t confuse them.

Breaking Down Tasks - Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Tags: tech, project-management, estimates

This is indeed an important aspect of estimating work. The smaller you manage to break down tasks the easier it will be to estimate. Breaking down work is a skill in itself though.

Futility of Shortening Iterations | by Aviv Ben-Yosef | Mar, 2024 | Medium

Tags: tech, product-management, project-management

There’s some truth to this. Shorter optimized iterations with no good learning opportunities lead to busy work.

So you’ve been reorg’d… - Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Tags: management, organization

A bit US centric at times, but there are some more generally applicable advices in this piece. This can help you navigate in the time of a company reorganization (not always called out as such).

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