Let’s go for my web review for the week 2024-06.

We’ve been waiting 20 years for this - The History of the Web

Tags: tech, web, blog, culture

Excellent piece about the resurgence of old trends on the web.

The European regulators listened to the Open Source communities! - Voices of Open Source

Tags: tech, foss, law

Looks like good progress has been made. A few more adjustments would be welcome before it gets ratified.

Google workers complain bosses are ‘inept’ and ‘glassy-eyed’

Tags: tech, google, transparency, management

Things don’t look great in this giant… it’s astonishing how much eroding vision and transparency can hurt an organization.

Netflix: Piracy is Difficult to Compete Against and Growing Rapidly * TorrentFreak

Tags: tech, streaming, video, business

Unsurprising trend… this was a market where there was no chance to have a single dominant platform due to the existing studio behemoths. So now we’re in the streaming wars, people can’t afford to pay for every silos… and they turn to piracy again. Could have been all avoided if we went the “global license” route instead of dumping money on platforms.

Stract search engine

Tags: tech, search, web

A new search engine trying to grow. The approach seems interesting, we’ll see where it goes.

Browsers Are Weird Right Now – Tyler Sticka

Tags: tech, web, browser

A bit opinionated and sarcastic maybe… still it feels right, the web browsers landscape is in a sad state.

Over the Edge: The Use of Design Tactics to Undermine Browser Choice

Tags: tech, microsoft, browser, vendor-lockin

Not unexpected of course, but at least it makes it clear that Microsoft is actively trying to prevent users from using the browser they want.

Microsoft is seeking a software architect to port Microsoft 365 to Rust | TechSpot

Tags: tech, microsoft, rust

If they really commit to it, this means Microsoft will really invest big in Rust. Let’s wait and see…

Blog - How I Also Hacked my Car

Tags: tech, automotive, security

The infotainment systems on car are not as locked down as one might think. Another proof of it.

Rust Won’t Save Us: An Analysis of 2023’s Known Exploited Vulnerabilities –

Tags: tech, security, memory, rust

Indeed, not all security issues are due to memory related problems. It’s 20% of the security issues. This is of course massive, but there’s still 80% of the security issues coming from wrong authentication, appliances and so on.

OPML is underrated

Tags: tech, blog, rss, opml

Definitely true. This is a good way to share your feeds with friends or to setup a blogroll.


Tags: tech, zsh, shell

Indeed, use zsh more. It’s good… or at least better.

VirtualBox KVM public release — Cyberus Technology

Tags: tech, linux, virtualization

This is an interesting VirtualBox fork for Linux. Using KVM as backend should bring interesting benefits.

When “letting it crash” is not enough

Tags: tech, erlang, safety, crash, resilience

It’s here to sell something. That said it does a good job explaining the Erlang model and its “let it crash” approach to failures. Also highlights the obvious limitations.

Cool Things You Can Do with SELECT - Edward Loveall

Tags: tech, sql, databases

Indeed, a very underappreciated keyword in SQL. It can do much more than what it’s often used for.

Postgres is Enough · GitHub

Tags: tech, databases, postgresql

Nice index pointing to resources to do many things with Postgres.


Tags: tech, web, 3d, webcomponents

Looks like a really convenient web component to display 3D models on web pages.

Method of Differences

Tags: tech, mathematics, history

Interesting explanation of the method of differences to easily compute polynomials.

How to hire low experience, high potential people

Tags: hr, interviews

Good ideas and questions to interview candidates. I don’t think I would use everything though. Also I think some of what’s proposed here would work for candidates at any level of experience.

Bye for now!