Let’s go for my web review for the week 2024-05.

This Web Page is Best Viewed in the EU

Tags: tech, vendor-lockin, apple

A little victory for European users trapped in the iOS ecosystem… still more needs to be done though.

Announcing Interop 2024 – Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog

Tags: tech, standard, web, browser

It’s good to see this initiative keeps thriving. It’s the best way to ensure the standard is well implemented everywhere.

Disney Unveils the HoloTile Floor

Tags: tech, VR, hardware

Interesting technology. Could have a real impact regarding VR applications.

New GitHub Copilot Research Finds ‘Downward Pressure on Code Quality’

Tags: tech, ai, copilot, programming, quality

Faster with less effort doesn’t seem to lead to quality code overall.

🦅 Eagle 7B : Soaring past Transformers with 1 Trillion Tokens Across 100+ Languages (RWKV-v5)

Tags: tech, ai, machine-learning, gpt, foss

Very nice progress on this type of architecture. It’s definitely needed in part because it lowers the inference cost quite a lot. It’s also nice to see it released with under the Apache 2 license and the training set be documented.

Process spawning performance in Rust | Kobzol’s blog

Tags: tech, linux, rust, processes, system

I like this kind of rabbit holes. This gives a few interesting information on how forking processes behaves on Linux.

On-demand-fork: A Microsecond Fork for Memory-Intensive and Latency-Sensitive Applications

Tags: tech, linux, system, kernel

Interesting paper for a new fork implementation in Linux.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Juggling C++ Atomics | brilliantsugar

Tags: tech, c++, multithreading, atomics, tests

Very interesting tools for testing and verifying concurrent code.

Microdot: a web framework for microcontrollers []

Tags: tech, embedded, python

Interesting little web framework to run on MicroPython. Clearly could make some IoT project more accessible.

High performance vector graphic video games | Spencer C. Imbleau’s blog

Tags: tech, rust, 2d, vector, game

Interesting tricks for having good vector graphic based animations and collision detection.

In Loving Memory of Square Checkbox @

Tags: tech, gui, ux

This introduced lack on consistency and predictability in how you can interact with a GUI component is a problem, this will also reduce accessibility. There was value in this “tradition” of the square checkbox vs round radio button.

My favourite Git commit

Tags: tech, version-control, craftsmanship

Indeed the example is a bit extreme. Still it illustrate quite well what should be found in a commit message. It needs to tell a story and motivate the reasons behind a change.

The art of good code review

Tags: tech, codereview, craftsmanship

Excellent post about code reviews. I particularly like the introduction about the motivations, it’s often forgotten.

Long Term Refactors

Tags: tech, engineering, refactoring

Interesting idea on how to schedule large refactorings and make sure they happen over time.

A Plea for more Mikado - Software Engineering and Stuff

Tags: tech, refactoring

Definitely a good approach for larger refactorings or preparing major upgrades.

Manage like an engineer | Ben Balter

Tags: tech, software, engineering, management

Interesting idea, why not use similar workflows than to develop software? For sure this would bring more transparency and automation, should help focusing on higher value tasks.

Bye for now!