Let’s go for my web review for the week 2024-02.

Where have all the websites gone?

Tags: tech, web, blog, culture

This is in part why I started my web review… maybe I should start a kind of blogroll, or maybe have links to websites I like straight on my front page.

This holographic camera turns any window into an invisible camera | Digital Camera World

Tags: tech, surveillance

What could possibly go wrong? Panopticon 2.0 here we come.

Outlook is Microsoft’s new data collection service | Proton

Tags: tech, microsoft, windows, email, surveillance

Looks like Microsoft is really catching up fast for its surveillance apparatus to be on par with Google and Meta.

Tags: tech, law, facebook, surveillance, attention-economy

Very welcome complaont, Meta is trying to workaround the GDPR to increase paid accounts. Can only hope they get fined and that this shady practice disappear (they’re not the only ones doing this).

How I pwned half of America’s fast food chains, simultaneously

Tags: tech, security

A not so gentle reminder that you shouldn’t get sloppy in the security practices of your services.

Automate your outgoing webmentions

Tags: tech, self-hosting, blog, webmention

Looks like a nice way to ease the use of webmentions. Also comes with a command line option not relying on third party hosted service apparently.

SSH based comment system

Tags: tech, ssh, blog

Very funny hack for a blog comment system.

SSH-Snake: Automatic traversal of networks using SSH private keys

Tags: tech, ssh, security, tools

Fascinating script which jumps over SSH servers in several hops and replicates itself without a file upload.

The browsers biggest TLS mistake

Tags: tech, browser, tls, security

Some of that certificate chain validation is troublesome… in Chrome based browsers it’s even truly insane.

Messengers performance - Grafana

Tags: tech, messaging, battery, android

If you’re wondering where your battery power goes… this is a nice list of measures for various clients on Android. It looks like XMPP is still hard to beat.

Visualizing ext4

Tags: tech, filesystem

Fascinating exploration of the patterns visible inside ext4 filesystems.

A tool for exploring each layer in a docker image

Tags: tech, docker, tools

Looks like an interesting tool if you’re dealing with docker image. This kind of analysis is definitely missing from docker itself.

Vcc - the Vulkan Clang Compiler

Tags: tech, shader, vulkan, c++

Interesting proof of concept to compile C++ into shaders. This reminds CUDA a bit without being tied to a given GPU brand.

Statically enforcing frozen data classes in Python | Redowan’s Reflections

Tags: tech, python, type-systems

Interesting trick even though I always cringe at such difference of behavior between runtime and “compile” time.

Python 3.13 gets a JIT

Tags: tech, python, jit, optimization

Want to better understand the JIT approach introduced in Python 3.13, this is a good little article. This JIT is a first step towards more optimizations.

Do we think of git commits as diffs, snapshots, and/or histories?

Tags: tech, git, version-control, teaching

So, which team are you on when you think about commits in Git?–snapshots–or-histories/

Tidy First? | Henrik Warne’s blog

Tags: tech, refactoring, craftsmanship, book

Review of the newest book from Kent Beck, I’ll probably check it out and read it.

Are any of your features the steak on the menu? | nicole@web

Tags: tech, product-management

Interesting metaphor regarding that feature you have because it is expected but otherwise doesn’t quote work.

How to make your team read your mind - by Anton Zaides

Tags: tech, management

Interesting approach for a manager to give transparency and to clarify expectations.

My Diverse Hiring Playbook - Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Tags: tech, hr, hiring

Good list of tips and ideas. This is not necessarily as easy as it sounds. The lack of good metrics doesn’t help (totally understandable though, privacy first).

Bye for now!