Let’s go for my web review for the week 2023-47.

What OpenAI shares with Scientology

Tags: tech, ai, criticism

Ironically, I think this is one of the best analysis I’ve seen regarding OpenAI and the recent turmoil around of one of its founders.

Oops! We Automated Bullshit. | Department of Computer Science and Technology

Tags: tech, ai, machine-learning, gpt, criticism

Excellent piece about everything which is wrong in the current industrialization moment of generative AI.

Pluralistic: Tesla’s Dieselgate (28 July 2023)

Tags: tech, automotive, DRM

Don’t you love DRMs in cars? Especially when the business people at the helm are pathological liars?

Youtube has started to artificially slow down video load times if you use Firefox

Tags: tech, google, attention-economy

I guess it’s a strategy to move more people over to Chrome. Shameful.

Cryptographers Solve Decades-Old Privacy Problem - Nautilus

Tags: tech, cryptography, privacy

Cool results, let’s see what the future brings. This could be exciting.

Streamlined interface for generating images with AI in Krita

Tags: tech, graphics, ai, machine-learning

I guess this will end up being a popular plugin for Krita.

Audio Samples from StyleTTS 2

Tags: tech, ai, machine-learning, speech

The newer text to speech models are really good now.

Making an E-Paper Picture Frame

Tags: tech, raspberry-pi, e-ink

This is a cool project, not too expensive as well.

Email obfuscation: What still works in 2023?

Tags: tech, web, email, spam

Good list of techniques. Some of them aren’t fully evaluated yet. Definitely worth considering.

Ethernet is Still Going Strong After 50 Years - IEEE Spectrum

Tags: tech, networking, history

A bit of history behind what’s probably the most widespread local network technology.

RFC 9498: The GNU Name System

Tags: tech, dns, privacy, censorship

Interesting a new name system being standardized. It’s supposed to protect privacy and be censorship resistant. We’ll see how it gets adopted.

How many floating-point numbers are in the interval [0,1]? – Daniel Lemire’s blog

Tags: tech, floats

Floating-point numbers are really a complicated species. This is an interesting deep dive in some of their representation.

Herbie: Automatically Improving Floating Point Accuracy

Tags: tech, floats, tools

Interesting tool. Hopefully will help us manipulate floating point expressions better.

A close encounter with false sharing | More Stina Blog!

Tags: tech, multithreading, performance

Good reminder that false sharing is a real thing. It’s easier to encounter than you think when you start to dabble into multi-threading.

GWP-ASan: Sampling-Based Detection of Memory-Safety Bugs in Production - 2311.09394.pdf

Tags: tech, memory, safety, security

Nice approach to also hunt for memory safety issues while software is in production.

Retries – An interactive study of common retry methods – Encore Blog

Tags: tech, networking, programming

Nice little article with simulations demonstrating why you want exponential backoff and how jitter is an extra layer of protection for the server.

Create RSS Feeds in Java using ROME

Tags: tech, java, rss

Yes, I have a thing for bringing RSS back. This time it’s a library enabling the feature for Java projects. Looks easy to use.

Explicit Resource Management: Exploring JavaScript’s and TypeScript’s new feature | iliazeus

Tags: tech, javascript, resources

Looks like RAII is finally making its way in Javascript. This looks like a good thing, it’s still rough around the edges though.

The Changing “Guarantees” Given by Python’s Global Interpreter Lock ·

Tags: tech, python, multithreading

Won’t be easy to get rid of the GIL in the Python ecosystem. There are notable differences of behavior between implementations and even versions of the same implementation… Lots of user code will unwillingly depend on a specific set of guarantees.

It’s Time For A Change: datetime.utcnow() Is Now Deprecated -

Tags: tech, python, api

Since quite a lot of Python code will be impacted by this, better get ready.

Exploring a Postgres query plan |

Tags: tech, postgresql, databases

Ever wondered how to programmatically introspect query plans? This is a long article but good starting point on how it’s represented under the hood.

garnix | Contextual CLIs

Tags: tech, command-line

Good food for thought to design CLI interfaces.

An Interactive Guide to CSS Grid

Tags: tech, frontend, browser, css

Nice guide, the interactive parts definitely help. Good way to improve CSS Grid use. It’s much more powerful than I suspected.

How large pull requests slow down development

Tags: tech, git, version-control, complexity, risk, quality

Interesting statistics, this show how important it is to have well structured and focused change sets as much as possible.

Software Development and Postmortems

Tags: tech, project-management, failure, postmortem

Very good piece. Explains why postmortems are important. It also explains how to prepare your organization to conduct them and how to do them properly. This is important since a lot of pressure will happen in case of a failure.

75% of Software Engineers Faced Retaliation Last Time They Reported Wrongdoing - Engprax

Tags: tech, politics, law, work

This is really bad… Now, this is investigation is UK centric though. I wonder how other countries would fare.

Performance Is Contextual - Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Tags: management, productivity

Definitely this, the context matters a lot. Sometimes I’ve seen people too quick to blame the skillset of underperforming colleagues. But the same person in a different context could probably do much better.

14 Signs of a GOOD Manager. Navigating leadership excellence.

Tags: tech, management

This is a good list. I guess some of it feels obvious… at the same time it’s indeed something you don’t see every day. More awareness from managers is needed.

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