Let’s go for my web review for the week 2023-44.

In 2023, the state of our digital privacy is very creepy | Mozilla Foundation

Tags: tech, privacy, surveillance

Clearly consumer products are going the wrong way in term of privacy…

Facebook owner Meta faces EU ban on targeted advertising | Reuters

Tags: tech, social-media, advertisement, attention-economy

Good news if this really gets enforced.

Last Chance to fix eIDAS

Tags: tech, security, privacy, politics

It’s really coming from everywhere these days. Let’s make sure this doesn’t get adopted.

Adobe is selling fake AI images of war in Israel-Palestine

Tags: tech, ai, gpt, fake, fake-news

There’s a blatant traceability problem with those generated images…

Youtube’s Anti-adblock and uBlock Origin - And a Dinosaur

Tags: tech, google, attention-economy, advertisement, community

Some people lash out at the wrong group… they should be angry at YouTube not at the tiny team making the extension trying to help block the ads.

Android Developers Blog: Increasing trust for embedded media

Tags: tech, android, google, DRM, copyright

After the backlash about WEI on Chrome, now they’re going for something similar but scoped only for medias. At least now things are clear that it was mainly about pushing for DRMs to serve media producers.

AI Godfather Warns Sam Altman, Demis Hassabis Want to Control AI

Tags: tech, ai, machine-learning, gpt, politics, lobbying, criticism

I fully agree with this. All those doomsayers about AI are there to sell something willingly or not. Let’s look at the current threats we’re seeing now, not the imaginary ones being the results of people taking SciFi a bit too literally.

Welcome to the Offensive ML Framework - OffSecML Framework

Tags: tech, ai, machine-learning, gpt, security

Attacks on machine learning models are getting more accessible. This means even more care will have to be taken to deploy and use those.

Down and to the Right: Firefox Got Faster for Real Users in 2023

Tags: tech, mozilla, browser, performance

This is indeed a nice improvement. I hope they keep working in this direction.

Help Everyone Do Better Security

Tags: tech, security, complexity

Things could indeed be more convenient… if this was the case we’d probably have less security breaches. Making super complex tools and then complaining that people are holding them wrong isn’t gonna help.

How to (and how not to) design REST APIs · stickfigure/blog Wiki · GitHub

Tags: tech, web, services, rest, api, design

Interesting set of advices. There are a couple I tend to disagree or doubt they really matter though. Other than that probably worth keeping in mind.

Why Checked Exceptions Failed

Tags: tech, java, exceptions

Definitely this, it’s been tried in Java, now we know it was a bad design decision… but it had to be tried to realize it.

Base64 Encoding, Explained

Tags: tech, encodings

Neat walk through the Base64 encoding. It’s very useful so it’s better if it’s well understood.

Analyzing Data 170,000x Faster with Python | sidsite

Tags: tech, python, optimization

Nice to see the same optimizations than in a previous article play out in Python. By leveraging Numpy and Numba it goes a long way already.

Why you should probably be using SQLite | Epic Web Dev by Kent C. Dodds

Tags: tech, databases, sqlite

Some more deserved praises for Sqlite. It’s finding its way in more and more places.

Confusing git terminology

Tags: tech, git, tools

You still find git confusing? This article might help. Although I have doubts that it’s doing a good job regarding heads, HEAD and branches, the rest is full of good explanations.

CSS is fun again

Tags: tech, css, frontend, web

This obviously keeps progressing. I think a good resource summarizing the new ways to do things would be necessary.

Physically Based Rendering: From Theory to Implementation

Tags: tech, 3d, graphics, physics

Nice to see the latest edition also available online. This is an excellent resource to get into PBR.

Transform Matrices are Great and You Should Understand Them

Tags: tech, graphics, matrix, mathematics, geometry

Good introduction and advocacy for transform matrices. I often see people struggling with them but they’re definitely worth mastering.

π in Other Universes | Azeem Bande-Ali |

Tags: mathematics, geometry

A nice reminder that the π value is not as set in stone as we tend to believe. It depends on the metrics we’re using.

TDD Prerequisites

Tags: tech, tdd, tests

What are the outcomes of TDD? Do you want them? If yes, is the context compatible?

Where DRY Applies — Sympolymathesy, by Chris Krycho

Tags: tech, craftsmanship, programming

The right nuanced way to see the DRY principle. As usual don’t overdo it that’s where problems will arise.

I’m Sorry I Bit You During My Job Interview - McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

Tags: interviews, funny

And now for something different… a very funny piece. I guess I’m glad I’m doing lots of interviews remotely nowadays.

How to tell a great story

Tags: communication, storytelling

Interesting search for the right ingredients for great storytelling. Some are generally well known and somewhat accessible with some work. The secret sauce is more surprising and requires quite some work in my opinion.

Bye for now!