Let’s go for my web review for the week 2023-43. A bit on the finishing line compared to the usual, I didn’t manage to post it earlier today… Well, technically it’s still Friday. 😉

Stop ChatControl! |

Tags: tech, politics, surveillance

This is a very worrying development in Europe. This feels a lot like a dream come true for police states… Let’s not go there.

Europe’s CSAM-scanning plan is a tipping point for democratic rights, experts warn | TechCrunch

Tags: tech, politics, surveillance

A longer account of a seminar showing the amount of people and arguments against chat control. The EU commission is pretty isolated in this madness.

Kyoto Statement on End-To-End Encryption – Global Encryption Coalition

Tags: tech, cryptography, politics, privacy

Timely and needed statement as fights against cryptography are emerging again.

Why can’t our tech billionaires learn anything new?

Tags: tech, criticism

An important read in my opinion. This whole manifesto from Andreesen is just ludicrous and this explains very well why. In any case we need more techno-pragmatists and less techno-optimists.

This new data poisoning tool lets artists fight back against generative AI | MIT Technology Review

Tags: tech, cyberpunk, ai, machine-learning, copyright, tools

A very needed tool unfortunately. This is fascinating research as well. The world is really so cyberpunk now.

Jina AI Launches World’s First Open-Source 8K Text Embedding, Rivaling OpenAI

Tags: tech, ai, machine-learning, gpt, foss

Another open source LLM available out there. This one seems to have interesting properties.

From Twitter to X, Elon Musk’s transformation from free speech defender to champion of disinformation | RSF

Tags: tech, twitter, social-media, information, criticism

I never liked the “it’s neutral, it’s just a tool”. A very naive view in my opinion. New illustration of this with Twitter. Tools are inserted in a socio-technical system, and the sociology side will influence the design enough to make the tool not so neutral. Here clearly all hell broke loose and it became a massive danger to democracy due to the level of misinformation and the type of messages which are advantaged by the changes.

The Carpentries retires its X/Twitter accounts and Facebook profile

Tags: tech, social-media, twitter, fediverse

More organizations leaving Twitter (now X… rofl). It’s a good thing and a logical step if you take values and code of conduct into account. It clearly became a cesspool from what I see.

GRC | ValiDrive  

Tags: tech, storage, scam, tools

Beware the fraudulent cheap drives you can buy nowadays. Looks like a nifty tool to check a drive if you have suspicions.


Tags: tech, apple, security

The spectre attack still has real world effects… This affects Safari this time.

Stealing OAuth tokens of connected Microsoft accounts via open redirect in Harvest App | 0xcrypto

Tags: tech, security, web

If you got to implement an OAuth integration. Please be responsible and don’t do this… this could lead to very serious breaches for your users.

Salt Labs | Oh-Auth - Abusing OAuth to take over millions of accounts

Tags: tech, security

OAuth is nice and taking over the world… but don’t weaken the security, follow all the steps and verify the tokens you get handed.

The Cloud Computer / Oxide

Tags: tech, cloud, infrastructure, foss

OK, I admit this looks like a very cool product. This could turn interesting for private infrastructures. Trying to get the benefits of cloud approaches while keeping it under control.

My 2023 all-flash ZFS NAS build

Tags: tech, storage, networking, self-hosting

Very thorough explanation of an interesting NAS setup. There are a few interesting tools I didn’t know about in there.

Protomaps | A free and open source map of the world

Tags: tech, tools, geospatial, geography, map

Looks like a nice new solution to host and serve global maps.

Analyzing Data 180,000x Faster with Rust

Tags: tech, rust, optimization

This gives a good list of things to try when optimizing (Rust code or otherwise).


Tags: tech, 3d, gaming, simulation

Nice to see Amazon Lumberyard getting a new life. It’s really feature packed.

A Journey Into Shaders

Tags: tech, 3d, shader, mathematics

Wanna get started playing with shaders? This is a neat into leading to a blob made of metaballs.

The Three Cs: 🤝 Concatenate, 🗜️ Compress, 🗳️ Cache – Harry Roberts – Web Performance Consultant

Tags: tech, web, http, caching, compression, performance, networking

Interesting exploration of the performance for web resources when they’re bundled or not. Also dabbles in the reasons behind the exhibited performances, definitely to keep in mind.

Web Components Will Outlive Your JavaScript Framework |

Tags: tech, blog, webcomponents, frontend, complexity

Another testament to the fact that it’s probably better to have minimal dependencies on your webpages. This is especially true for documents if you’re aiming for longevity. If you’re making an actual application the trade-off will be different.

The Negative Impact of Mobile-First Web Design on Desktop

Tags: tech, usability, ux, design, mobile, desktop

It’s nice that we get more content usable on mobiles… but this shouldn’t come at the expense of bad usability when on desktops.

Google Testing Blog: Improve Readability With Positive Booleans

Tags: tech, programming, craftsmanship

Definitely a good advice. We’re just better at understanding positive boolean expressions.

How To Tell Stuff To A Computer - The Enigmatic Art of Knowledge Representation

Tags: tech, knowledge, engineering

Looks like an old website, still it does a neat job of explaining how the field of knowledge representation evolved. This is nice to see a reference for beginners since I dabbled quite a bit into this years ago and it wasn’t very accessible.

There is No Now - ACM Queue

Tags: tech, time, asynchronous, distributed, consistency

Time and synchronization are complicated in distributed systems. Luckily there are solutions to try to ease the pain. It’s not completely avoidable though.

Refactoring has a price. Not refactoring has a cost. Either way, you pay.

Tags: tech, refactoring, craftsmanship, cost

Definitely this. One is more painful than the other though. It’s a question of paying small price over tine vs paying a big cost later.

Private Estimates, Public Progress - by Kent Beck

Tags: tech, agile, project-management, estimates

Indeed, going for scrutiny on made up numbers probably won’t get us nowhere. Tweaking them won’t help either. It’s the shared goals which matter most.

Software Engineering Management Checklist

Tags: tech, management, engineering, learning

Definitely an excellent list to have in mind as soon as you get to engineering management. The four areas listed are the most important.

We have used too many levels of abstractions and now the future looks bleak

Tags: tech, learning, engineering, criticism

Healthy criticism of where our industry went. Engineers should exhibit curiosity on how the sausage is made, not just blindly use tools they don’t understand.

On Craft

Tags: tech, craftsmanship

Beautiful text. She talks with fondness about her grandfather, but there’s indeed lessons about craftsmanship here. It’s not only about machines, it can’t extend into a humanist world view.

Advice to a novice programmer

Tags: tech, programming, learning

Good list of advices for someone who just got started programming. Who knows, it might come in handy later.

A literary appreciation of the Olson/Zoneinfo/tz database – Jon Udell

Tags: tech, time, date, history

A database we take for granted… but if you look in the margins it’s full of history and very well crafted.

Internet Artifacts

Tags: tech, internet, web, history

Very cool idea. Lots of history in there! There were things I even forgot about.

The Theory That Men Evolved to Hunt and Women Evolved to Gather Is Wrong - Scientific American

Tags: history, science

Very interesting dive into where this theory comes from and how wrong it is.

Bye for now!