Let’s go for my web review for the week 2023-41.

Six Months Ago NPR Left Twitter. The Effects Have Been Negligible - Nieman Reports

Tags: tech, twitter, information, social-media, criticism, fediverse

The first signs of journalism finding some independence from social media? That would be very welcome. blogs can now be followed on Mastodon and other federated platforms | TechCrunch

Tags: tech, fediverse, blog, social-media

This is a huge thing for the ferdiverse. Let’s see where this leads.

Engage a Wider Audience With ActivityPub on – News

Tags: tech, fediverse, blog, social-media

This is nice to see how easy it is to make sure a WordPress blog appears on the Fediverse. Hopefully will bring lots of activity.

How AMD May Get Across the CUDA Moat

Tags: tech, cpu, gpu, performance, amd, nvidia

Will AMD really turn this around? Wait and see.


Tags: tech, smarthome

Definitely this, I think people are very much overdoing the smart home thing. I far prefer something not too “smart” in this space.

“We’ll call it AI to Sell it, Machine Learning to Build it”

Tags: tech, ai, machine-learning

I agree with this, be precise about what you’re using. Blanket terms won’t lead you anywhere to creating proper systems.

HTTP/2 Rapid Reset: deconstructing the record-breaking attack

Tags: tech, security, http

Interesting deep dive into the latest massive DDoS attack seen in the wild.

Coordinated Disclosure: 1-Click RCE on GNOME (CVE-2023-43641) - The GitHub Blog

Tags: tech, gnome, security

If you’re using a GNOME base environment be responsible and make sure you install your security patches.

Where does my computer get the time from? – Tony Finch

Tags: tech, computers, time

Very good exploration about how to get time on computers. As usual it’s way less straightforward than what you might think.

Postgres: the next generation. Investing in the next generation of committers. – James Governor’s Monkchips

Tags: tech, databases, postgresql, community, hr

This is a very important point. Communities should make sure that new blood gets in. Companies should also avoid just recruiting top talent and groom juniors to contribute.

Fury - A blazing fast multi-language serialization framework powered by jit and zero-copy

Tags: tech, data, performance, serialization

Looks like an interesting serialization framework. If it holds true to its claims it could be very useful in some place.

QBinDiff: A modular diffing toolkit

Tags: tech, tools, command-line

Looks like an interesting tool for diffing binary data.

Unit-testing shell scripts and tools with shtk - Julio Merino (

Tags: tech, tests, command-line, shell

This can come in handy for automated tests which need to be ran from within a shell.

Simulation Islands :: Box2D

Tags: tech, simulation, physics

This one is a lot. This is a very interesting exploration in rigid body simulation though. Shows well the trade-offs in term of performance and how to keep it usable for third party developers.

Scrollbars are becoming a problem

Tags: tech, ux, accessibility, gui

Some things we tend to not notice… the scroll bars need a way to be brought back and to be large for better accessibility.

On Importance of Naming in Programming | Wasp

Tags: tech, programming, craftsmanship

It’s one of the two hardest problems of programming after all. Needs to be thought through.

API Best Practices: Foundations of Robust and Efficient APIs

Tags: tech, http, rest, web, services

A bit basic and obvious, still a good list of things to keep in mind when designing REST APIs.

McKinsey Developer Productivity Review - Dan North & Associates Ltd

Tags: tech, management, business, productivity

Very good review of the McKinsey paper about developer productivity. It not only highlights all the problems with it, it also makes suggestions to make a better paper next time.

Creativity faucet: Increase your creativity

Tags: creativity, writing

Interesting advices about creativity. The metaphors used help a bit as well.

VA hospital’s IT snafu blamed on cat’s keyboard surfing • The Register

Tags: tech, data, vandalism, funny

This is why cats cannot be trusted around computers!

Bye for now!