Let’s go for my web review for the week 2023-39.

I don’t want your data – Manu

Tags: tech, web, data, attention-economy

This is a good way to manage your website. I do the same regarding my blog, I don’t do any analytics etc.

Recent advances in computer science since 2010? - Theoretical Computer Science Stack Exchange

Tags: tech, science

Lots of good answers in there… It provodes plenty of rabbit holes to follow.

Tags: tech, browser, gpu, security, gpu

Interesting new side-channel attack. A bit mind boggling to be honest. Only one browser seems affected so far (since it’s Chrome probably most of its variants are affected as well).

Platform that enables Windows driver development in Rust

Tags: tech, rust, microsoft, system

Another system where it becomes easier to make drivers in Rust.

Dotfiles matter!

Tags: tech, settings, standard

Definitely this, use standard locations as much as possible. We can tame the mess of dotfiles in user homes.

Was Javascript really made in 10 days? • Buttondown

Tags: tech, javascript, history

Interesting light shed on Javascript early history.

Python 3.12 Preview: Static Typing Improvements – Real Python

Tags: tech, python, type-systems

Nice improvements coming to the Python typing system. Especially interesting in the case of kwargs.

Ditch That Else

Tags: tech, programming, craftsmanship

Since we often still see in the wild code with deep nesting due to edge cases handling, it looks like this advice is still very relevant.

Smooth Database Changes in Blue-Green Deployments · Django Beats

Tags: tech, django, databases

This is more manual work of course but too often forgotten. This way you get easier database migrations in complex environments though.

Choose Postgres queue technology :: Adriano Caloiaro’s personal blog

Tags: tech, architecture, dependencies, complexity

Maybe you don’t need to pull even more dependencies. Think of the operational costs and the complexity.

Demystifying Database Transactions | Dinesh Gowda

Tags: tech, databases, postgresql, sql

Good primer about database transactions and the issues you might run with when using them.

GUIDs - How I messed up my RSS feed :: TheOrangeOne

Tags: tech, blog, rss

Interesting tidbit of the RSS standard. Probably worth putting such GUIDs early on.

Network health overview with mtr, ss, lsof and iperf3 | Medium

Tags: tech, tools, command-line, networking

Know your tools. Those are useful to check network uses.

Style with Stateful, Semantic Selectors | Ben Myers

Tags: tech, web, accessibility, frontend, css

This is an interesting use of the accessibility directive for better styling in web frontend code.

3x Explore, Expand, Extract • Kent Beck • YOW! 2018 - YouTube

Tags: tech, management, project-management, xp, agile

Lots of food for thought in here. I really appreciate how Kent Beck’s thinking keeps evolving. This Explore, Expand, Extract curve is indeed a good way to frame things. It is a good base to know what to put in place or not.

How Many Direct Reports Should a Manager Have? - The Engineering Manager

Tags: tech, management, tech-lead

This is indeed an interesting scale to keep in mind. Teams shouldn’t get too big, or too small.

What does a CTO actually do?

Tags: tech, career, cto, management

Ever wondered what the job of CTO encompasses? This article does a good job at it. It’s especially nice that it’s split based on company size. Indeed, the role can change dramatically depending on how big an organization is.

How (not) to apply for a software job

Tags: hr, hiring, interviews

Plenty of sound advices for the written part of an application.

Bye for now!