Let’s go for my web review for the week 2023-36.

New EU Rules: Smartphones and Tablets will follow new ecodesign requirements by June 2025! - Right to Repair Europe

Tags: tech, repair, smartphone

Some progress, still a long way to go.

Organic Maps: Offline Hike, Bike, Trails and Navigation

Tags: tech, map, tools, gps

First time I hear about this application. It seems really nice, I’m taking it for a spin. Not sure I’ll use it to replace OsmAnd just yet. That said it’s UX seems better than OsmAnd so far.

USENET, the original social network, is under new management

Tags: tech, newsgroups, social-media

USENET lives! Another revival coming?

The boiling frog of digital freedom | Gazoche’s blog

Tags: tech, surveillance, vendor-lockin, gafam

I think I’d have gone further in the past for such a thought experiment… still if you wonder why people are fighting for digital freedom, here is why.

It’s Official: Cars Are the Worst Product Category We Have Ever Reviewed for Privacy | Mozilla Foundation

Tags: tech, automotive, surveillance

This is really bad… it’s way worse than I suspected. The car makers really need to change their practices. Go and sign the petition.

X/Twitter has updated its Terms of Service to let it use Posts for AI training

Tags: tech, twitter, ai, machine-learning, social-media, copyright

Are we surprised? Not at all…

Mastodon is easy and fun except when it isn’t - Erin Kissane’s small internet website

Tags: tech, fediverse, criticism

Interesting look at the challenges ahead for the fediverse. Not easy since some of this is cultural clash, some of it is technical and solvable though.

why not matrix? – Telegraph

Tags: tech, matrix, messaging, criticism

Clearly a list of concerns to keep an eye on for wider Matrix adoption. Clearly some basics are not covered still.

The Top Programming Languages 2023 - IEEE Spectrum

Tags: tech, language

Newer language really have a hard time moving up in this ranking. Lots of inertia all around.

An Internet of PHP – Timo Tijhof

Tags: tech, php

Like it or not but PHP is indeed here to stay.

The technical merits of Wayland are mostly irrelevant

Tags: tech, linux, graphics, wayland

Indeed, at this point it’s not that people don’t want to switch. Very often they just don’t have a choice.

How I joined the bug 323 community | Blog | Superflous Returnz | studios

Tags: tech, bug, compiler, cpu

What’s worse than a compiler bug? A processor one… very interesting deep dive in this particularly nasty one.

Weight Gain and Perf Loss | Julien Jorge’s Personal Website

Tags: tech, c++, compiler, cpu, caching, performance

Interesting tale and exploration on how a change in includes impacted cache misses. This is sneaky (and solved with more recent compilers).

Euclidean affine functions and their application to calendar algorithms - Neri - 2023 - Software: Practice and Experience - Wiley Online Library

Tags: tech, mathematics, date

A good proof that it’s still possible to innovate with interesting performance gains for rather mundane tasks. If you’re into calendars this is an interesting read.

Mashing Enter to bypass full disk encryption with TPM, Clevis, dracut and systemd

Tags: tech, linux, security

Interesting and unfortunate security issue… This is admittedly a somewhat unusual setup though, but to be kept in mind I think.

Bring your own interface

Tags: tech, architecture, design

This is indeed a good thing to hide dependencies behind interfaces when it makes sense.

TDD Doesn’t Force Good Design • Aaron Bruce |

Tags: tech, tdd, tests, design, architecture

Definitely this, the message is often coming across lacking nuance. TDD can help you towards good design, but it’s not ensuring you’ll have a good design.

How to prepare for difficult conversations

Tags: tech, ai, gpt, simulation, conversation

Now this is actually an interesting and good use of the latest trend in large language models. You can simulate difficult conversations, getting more experience there can help.

What I wish I knew when I became CTO

Tags: tech, cto, business, management, technical-debt

I’d take the more stack related side of this article with a pinch of salt. It seems a bit too specific to the company behind the story. The rest of the article rings true and spot on though.

5 things that are typically confused for productivity. - Jason Yip - Medium

Tags: tech, management, productivity

Indeed, these confusions are widespread. Even worse, they generally lead you away from actual productivity.

The Worst Programmer I Know - Dan North & Associates Ltd

Tags: tech, management, productivity, metrics

A good reminder that you better measure the right thing… otherwise you might consider someone as unproductive while he has in fact a large impact.

JP’s Website · 2023-08-28 · Everything I know about floppy disks

Tags: tech, storage, history

Ever wonder how floppy disks worked? Here is your chance to find out, good reference.

Shining a Light on the Digital Dark Age - Long Now

Tags: tech, archive, history

It’s too often forgotten how much our culture is fragile. So many digital artifacts which could just vanish or not be readable anymore years from now.

Climate Change Tracker

Tags: climate, science

Very welcome tool, well done as well.

Bye for now!