Let’s go for my web review for the week 2023-35.

Microsoft is using malware-like pop-ups in Windows 11 to get people to ditch Google - The Verge

Tags: tech, microsoft, windows, criticism

Microsoft doing Microsoft things in Windows… unsurprising, will never end. Maybe at some point people will move to platforms they really have control on?

Social Media Decline: Ending for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok

Tags: tech, social-media, messaging

Interesting evolution… looks like people will all go back to some chat system? It’ll be the 90’s all over again? Maybe IRC will make a comeback? :-)

Web Scraping for Me, But Not for Thee (Guest Blog Post) - Technology & Marketing Law Blog

Tags: tech, web, copyright, law, gpt, machine-learning

Interesting analysis around the current situation around web scraping and intellectual property. This moved to being mostly dealt with using contract law which makes it a terrible minefield. Lots of hypocrisy all around too which doesn’t help. GPT and the likes will likely be the next area where cases will rise.

AI and the automation of work — Benedict Evans

Tags: tech, economics, automation, work, ai, gpt

Interesting opinion piece about GPT and LLMs. When you ignore the hype, consider the available facts, then you can see how it’s another extra tool and unlikely to replace many people.

A note to young folks: download the things you love

Tags: tech, streaming, culture

If you only stream it, it won’t be available forever. Keep this in mind when it’s something you find culturally relevant… it might require some conservation work.

E-ink is so Retropunk

Tags: tech, e-ink, hacking

I agree with this. They are very interesting devices. Not necessarily easily hackable yet though. It’s definitely getting there.

Keep CALM and CRDT On

Tags: tech, distributed, crdt, research

Interesting research, this shows opportunities to push CRDTs to the next level.

Elixir Saves Pinterest $2 Million a Year In Server Costs

Tags: tech, elixir, programming, architecture, cost, performance

The claim is huge. The story doesn’t quite say how much is really about Elixir and how much from the revised architecture. That being said, going for something like Elixir has definitely an impact on the architecture… could it be that it pushes for better patterns?

Unikernels: Rise of the Virtual Library Operating System - ACM Queue

Tags: tech, kernel, system

Nice article explaining unikernels and showing the example of MirageOS.

C++ Papercuts :: The Coded Message

Tags: tech, c++, criticism

I tend to agree with those, they are among my pet issues with C++. — Premature Optimization: Universally Misunderstood

Tags: tech, optimization, performance, architecture, programming

Another partial quote which led to misunderstanding. One should indeed think about performances early on.

The Last Vestiges Of Object Oriented Programming

Tags: tech, object-oriented, programming

Nice overview of the good uses and wrong uses for classes. We’re far from the abuses of the early times now.

</> htmx ~ Why htmx Does Not Have a Build Step

Tags: tech, frontend, web, browser, javascript, complexity, maintenance

Nice reasoning. It very well highlights the tradeoffs coming the choice they made. And of course the decision might change if the situation changes.

WTF is the Lean Web, anyways? | Go Make Things

Tags: tech, complexity, web, frontend

It’s clearly not clear cut, it’s a whole spectrum. I wish more web developers would at least ask themselves the question before having knee-jerk reactions reaching for their favorite framework of the day.

3D Gaussian Splatting for Real-Time Radiance Field Rendering

Tags: tech, 3d, ai, machine-learning

The level of details these techniques are giving now… this is very impressive.

Domain Repetition

Tags: tech, graphics, 3d, shader, mathematics

Nice introduction to domain repetitions. A fascinating concept (IMHO) very much used in procedurally generated content.

Anything But Tech Debt | Honeycomb

Tags: tech, technical-debt, business

More thinking gets around the debate about tech debt. This is definitely welcome. Using more precise labels can indeed being clarity in conversations.

UX Design Patterns for Loading

Tags: tech, ux

Good set of patterns indeed. The article is web oriented but this makes sense in other type of applications as well.

How to pass a coding interview with me | Robert Heaton

Tags: tech, hr, hiring, interviews

Good list of advices, I regularly see people failing because of fundamental things like this… despite explaining my expectations first. So I’d add: listen to what the interviewer says about how he’s going to assess you.

The corporate kabuki of performance reviews - The Washington Post

Tags: management, hr

An old one but since I’m aware of companies still doing their performance reviews this way… Don’t fall for it, use a more humane process whenever you can.

How to Impose Agile

Tags: tech, agile, change

Interesting opinion piece. Very often we see people mandating a “process”. It’s almost always the wrong way and how you end up with people following blindly “Scrum by the book” or “SAFe”. The approach proposed here is smarter: give the business constraints, let people choose what works best for them, support them along this journey.

Measuring developer productivity? A response to McKinsey

Tags: tech, management, business, productivity

Excellent piece. Be careful what you measure. If you measure the wrong things people will game the system.

Measuring developer productivity? A response to McKinsey 2

Tags: tech, management, business, productivity

And now the part two, with more warnings about what you measure. Also proposes a few ideas toward the end.

Bye for now!