Let’s go for my web review for the week 2023-32.

The Legacy of Bram Moolenaar - Jan van den Berg

Tags: tech, vim

Nice words about Bram Moolenaar maintainer of vim who passed away recently.

IBM, Red Hat and Free Software: An old maddog’s view - Linux Professional Institute

Tags: tech, unix, linux, redhat, history

Don’t be fooled of the title. Yes, it concludes about an opinion piece about the latest changes in policy around RHEL. Still, it starts with a very nice retelling of the history around UNIX and computing since the 70s. This is an invaluable resource.

Your Computer Should Say What You Tell It To Say | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Tags: tech, google, browser, surveillance, attention-economy

Excellent piece against the Web Environment Integrity proposal from Google.

Blocked by Cloudflare

Tags: tech, cloudflare, google, surveillance, attention-economy

This is based on fingerprinting and sometimes fail. If Web Environment Integrity gets through it’ll be just worse.

Our current FOSS dystopia

Tags: tech, foss, politics, criticism

Definitely this. There’s still so much to achieve through FOSS, lots of missed opportunities. The mentioned factors clearly played a huge part in the current situation.

Just normal web things.

Tags: tech, browser, web

Indeed, too many websites or apps break or hijack basic features of the browser. To me it also shows the tension between trying to have a document browser and an application provider shoved in the same GUI.

Python cocktail: mix a context manager and an iterator in equal parts

Tags: tech, programming, python

Definitely a clever combination of two Python constructs.

Reverse Z (and why it’s so awesome) | Tom Hulton-Harrop

Tags: tech, 3d, floats

Good explanations of why you might want to revert the Z axis on your projection matrices. Of course it boils down to how float precision works.

Remote work requires communicating more, less frequently | Ben Balter

Tags: tech, remote-working, management, communication

Kind of overlooking the cost of producing videos in my opinion. That being said, if you keep videos out of the picture this little article is spot on. Remote work is about more asynchronous and longer form communication first.

I’m taking another short break, so no web review next week!

Bye for now!