Let’s go for my web review for the week 2023-31.

The BBC on Mastodon: experimenting with distributed and decentralised social media - BBC R&D

Tags: tech, fediverse, attention-economy

Welcome to the Fediverse! It’s just an experiment for now, let’s hope they stay longer.

Sci-Hub’s Alexandra Elbakyan Receives EFF Award for Providing Access to Scientific Knowledge * TorrentFreak

Tags: tech, foss, science

This is well deserved. She’s doing a very important work for the progress of science. All those pay walls are nonsense.

Tor’s shadowy reputation will only end if we all use it | Engadget

Tags: tech, anonymity, surveillance, tor

Indeed, we need more traffic going through Tor if we want to keep it effective.

“Web Environment Integrity” is an all-out attack on the free Internet — Free Software Foundation — Working together for free software

Tags: tech, foss, google, browser, surveillance

The FSF words are strong but deserved in this case. Let’s hope it marks the beginning of an efficient campaign against this move from Google.

Google’s Plan To DRM The Web Goes Against Everything Google Once Stood For | Techdirt

Tags: tech, google, surveillance, attention-economy, security

Good explanations, the parallel and history perspective on Palladium is right. It’s the same fight than 20 years ago, it shows up its ugly head regularly. Time to collectively say no once more.

Splitting the Web

Tags: tech, web, attention-economy

Interesting point of view. We have two worlds now coexisting on the Web and they tend to ignore each other more and more.

From Napoléon to Macron: How France learned to love Big Brother – POLITICO

Tags: tech, france, surveillance, politics

Welcome in France, this country which claims to be a beacon for Human Rights but has a problem with its law enforcement for the past two centuries… surveillance abounds and its accelerating.

The Reluctant Sysadmin’s Guide to Securing a Linux Server

Tags: tech, server, self-hosting, security

This is a good list, should be seen as a starting point there are more things to do after this. I’m thinking for instance about adding fail2ban to the mix.

What’s in a Module? · thunderseethe’s devlog

Tags: tech, design, architecture, modules, programming, language

Interesting look at module systems and what they entail. It’s funny to see that most languages do things slightly differently in this area.

Making the Global Interpreter Lock Optional in CPython

Tags: tech, python, multithreading, performance

OK, this could be big for Python. Let’s see how they execute this plan. It carries some risks as well, but they seem well aware of them.

Overloading arithmetic operators with dunder methods | Pydon’t 🐍 | mathspp

Tags: tech, programming, python

Nice summary of everything you can do with operators overload in Python.

A Blog Post With Every HTML Element - Patrick Weaver

Tags: tech, web, frontend, html

A little experiment which turns into a neat reference in HTML elements. Could be useful.

Git files hidden in plain sight 🫥 - Tyler Cipriani

Tags: tech, git, funny, tools

Funny what you can do with Git at a lower level. 😊

Jujutsu: A Git-compatible DVCS that is both simple and powerful

Tags: tech, tools, git

Looks like an interesting alternative to Git. To investigate I think.

Retrospective Prompts

Tags: tech, project-management, retrospective

Interesting set of follow up questions during a retrospective.

On levelling, learning and development - Robbie Clutton

Tags: tech, management, career, hr, learning

Interesting to look at several career progression models and compare them indeed. This is likely necessary when making your own model for your context.

Netscape Meteors - Eryn Rachel Wells

Tags: tech, browser, history

Nice trip down memory lane. Interesting conservation work in any case.

When the wizards of the web met - The History of the Web

Tags: tech, web, history

Nice recounting of the first meetings to make the web what it is today.

Bye for now!