In my previous blog post I mentioned Akademy wasn’t completely over for me, I still had to hold an online training about the KDE Stack even though I left Thessaloniki already.

I had a few participants. Surprisingly some of them (but not all) were more experienced KDE developers than I expected. Since the training is more meant for people who want to get a feel on how to get around our stack I was a bit anxious they wouldn’t get bored… From the feedback I got immediately after the training it looks like it was well received even by the more experienced people. Apparently everybody learned quite a bit and had fun in the process. I’ll thus call it a success.

I made the slides of the KDE Stack training 2023 edition available online on my website and the page of the training in the Akademy program. Feel free to grab and go through them although I guess you’ll get most value with someone actually going through them with you.

And now? Well, we got the KDE e.V. general assembly coming in a few weeks. And hopefully we can setup another KDE PIM sprint in Toulouse around spring time if the community is interested.

As for the life of this KDE Stack training… I have this fantasy that next time I will be able to do it in-person and will make a major update of it since KF6 and Plasma 6 will be out by then. It’s not that I expect a lot of the content being invalidated by those releases. In fact quite the contrary since the 2023 edition already accounts for some of the expected changes. It’s more that an in-person format and the interest driven by major releases would be good reasons to re-think the way it is taught, probably bringing more labs and group activities.

We’ll see if I find time to actually fulfill this fantasy. 😊