A Studious Summer Break

Jul 1, 2023 | 1 minute read

Tags: kde, akademy

It is the first day of July… time for me to have a large chunk of vacations it didn’t really happen for a while and I feel I need it.

During those vacations I’ll try to stay away from the news as much as possible. I guess the fashionable way to put it is: I will have a three weeks “news detox”. 😊

So, don’t expect web reviews during that time.

My plan is of course to read books, visit places and spend as much quality time with family as possible. And still… it won’t be all play. There are a few software and writing projects I’ve been postponing for far too long and I’ll try to at least get them to progress a bit.

I’ll also take a few days away from my family to attend Akademy!

Akademy 2023 banner

I’m of course excited to reconnect and chat with everyone. See you there!

Last but not least, I won’t stay at Akademy for long in order to run back to my family, but… I’ll be holding an online workshop about the KDE Stack during the training day.

Since it’ll be in the online room it should be easy for anyone interested in the topic to attend. 😉

See you there!