Let’s go for my web review for the week 2023-18.

The web’s most important decision - The History of the Web

Tags: tech, web, history, public-domain

Indeed, without deciding to put everything in the public domain, the face of the web would have been very different.

Let’s Make Sure Github Doesn’t Become the only Option - Edward Loveall

Tags: tech, git, github, vendor-locking, tools

Nice to see there are still people out there keeping in mind the “let’s not put all our eggs in the same basket”. This is especially important for systems with such vendor lock-in as GitHub. I’m a bit less convinced about replacing Git itself for now.

FOSS I Love - Local game streaming with Sunshine and Moonlight

Tags: tech, gaming, linux, streaming

Looks like nice projects. After all these years I’m still amazed at what people manage to achieve in their spare time when they get together to solve a problem.

The Programmer’s Paradox: Waterloo Style

Tags: tech, architecture, design, programming, object-oriented

Interesting approach. I did quite some of that but without really putting it together like this. It’s a nice way to explain it.

Tufte CSS

Tags: tech, web, css, blog

I must resist to redesign my blog I guess… In any case, this is a very nice style for content.

cohost! - “I want to talk about WebGPU”

Tags: tech, web, graphics, 3d, webgpu

Nice overview of WebGPU. Also does a decent job laying out the history of graphics APIs. With WebGPU bound to be more widespread and available outside of the browsers things will get very interesting.

Understanding SAL | Microsoft Learn

Tags: tech, safety, c++, c

There are really many initiatives to make C and C++ safer lately. I wonder which one will see adoption and what will make its way to the standards.

The Cargo Cult of TCP_NODELAY: When to Use It – Somewhere Within Boredom

Tags: tech, tcp, networking

Very nice explanation about TCP_NODELAY and its implications.

Goodbye to Flake8 and PyLint: faster linting with Ruff

Tags: tech, python, linting, quality, tools

Looks like a promising linting tool for Python. Feature packed and faster than most other options out there.

Cloud exit pays off in performance too

Tags: tech, infrastructure, performance

Very interesting to see that move to owned hardware… turns out that not only the invoice is smaller in their case but the performances are much better as well.

Uptime Guarantees — A Pragmatic Perspective

Tags: tech, reliability, infrastructure, software, business, management

Nice overview of what it takes to increase your uptime. It can get expensive quickly. This is also a good reminder that it’s not only about software, it’s a lot about people and administrative constraints as well.

Architecture decision record (ADR) examples

Tags: tech, architecture, decision-making

Nice resource to get started with this important and efficient practice.

Rules of Thumb for Software Development Estimations

Tags: tech, project-management, estimates

It’s a bit a “yet another article” about estimates. Still there are a few good points in there, they’re harder to apply than it sounds though.

Tags: tech, business, management, product-management, remote-working, business

Clearly a bit US centric but interesting trends nonetheless. We might see some of that reaching Europe (for good and for bad) fairly quickly. At least regarding hybrid work, flexible offices and more asynchronous communication, I’ve seen it globally spread already.

Bye for now!