Let’s go for my web review for the week 2023-15.

The Free Software Foundation is dying

Tags: tech, foss, criticism

I don’t necessarily agree with the fine points in the proposed actions. That said the diagnosis is unfortunately very true I think.

The time to figure out how to use generative AI and large language models in your code is now

Tags: tech, gpt, ai, programming

I’m still doubtful about it but maybe I’m wrong so a counterpoint to my own opinions. Of course this is a purely productivity standpoint in here which overlooks my main concerns with how this is currently deployed and used.

Free Dolly: Introducing the World’s First Open and Commercially Viable Instruction-Tuned LLM - The Databricks Blog

Tags: tech, ai, machine-learning, gpt

This is important. We need truly open generator models. This can’t be left in the hands of a few with only API access, especially since they lack basic transparency.

FAIR Animated Drawings: Home

Tags: tech, drawing, animation, tools

Neat tool for animating your own drawings. Impressive results for sure.

Run an open source-powered virtual conference! – Máirín Duffy

Tags: tech, foss, conference, video, messaging

Nice recipe on what can be used to run a virtual conference using only Free Software.

Extracting the Essential Simplicity of the Internet | February 2023 | Communications of the ACM

Tags: tech, networking, internet, history

Excellent piece which summarises the big design decisions behind the Internet. It’s very didactic, also highlights the flaw toward the end. This is reference material.

CAN Injection: keyless car theft | Dr. Ken Tindell

Tags: tech, embedded, can, security, automotive

This is an incredibly informative deep dive regarding a new attack on CAN buses. Also proposes potential fixes. Let’s see how car makers deal with it.

How does database sharding work?

Tags: tech, databases, sharding

Good overview on database sharding. Points to a couple of tools which can help in some situations.

SQL Maxis: Why We Ditched RabbitMQ And Replaced It With A Postgres Queue

Tags: tech, messaging, databases, rabbitmq, postgresql, architecture, complexity

They were probably using RabbitMQ for the wrong scenario in the first place. That said it’s a good reminder that sometimes a simpler architecture is what you want and it can bring benefits.

Making most of Java: Features that you should use as a Java developer – MICROIDEATION

Tags: tech, programming, java

Need to update your Java knowledge because it evolved quite a bit? Here is a little list of the features to focus on.

Inspirel - Articles - Testing Allocation Failures

Tags: tech, memory, tests, c++

Often overlooked in test cases. Still it’s not that complicated to setup.

Quickly formatting a stack of commits

Tags: tech, git, tools

Neat git trick, could be useful from time to time.

Numbers To Know For Managing (Software Teams) | Stay SaaSy

Tags: tech, management

I’m not necessarily convinced by all of those. Still there are interesting ballpark numbers I didn’t have on my radar as far as management goes.

Two types of software engineers - by Thorsten Ball

Tags: tech, team, engineering

Another way to look at the fact that software engineering is a team sport. Missing this fact can lead to problems.

Re-thinking Presentations. - by Rishad Tobaccowala

Tags: presentation, business, meetings

Hm… interesting framework. Especially for me, I know I tend to be too verbose. Definitely something I’m willing to try.

Hubble Sees Possible Runaway Black Hole Creating a Trail of Stars

Tags: science, physics, astronomy

This is a surprising and fascinating discovery. The scale of such events is mind bending.

Bye for now!