Let’s go for my web review for the week 2023-14.

If we lose the Internet Archive, we’re screwed – The Statesman

Tags: tech, copyright, law, history

This lawsuit and the first ruling are indeed very concerning. Let’s hope we keep the Internet Archive alive, their work is invaluable.

Chrome ships WebGPU - Chrome Developers

Tags: tech, gpu, 3d, browser, web

This is a big milestone for 3D and computation on GPUs from the browser. I suspect it will have interesting security implications though, we’ll see.

Safari releases are development hell - Ashley’s blog

Tags: tech, apple, web, criticism

This ecosystem suffers from the same warts and doesn’t seem to make any progress… lack of transparency, “we know better” mentality, tight coupling, lack of communication. This is especially problematic for something like a browser.

Saying Goodbye to GitHub | Ersei ‘n Stuff

Tags: tech, github, ethics, gpt

Good reasons to leave indeed. Better host your projects somewhere else.

Own Your Work | Jose M.

Tags: tech, self-hosting

Indeed, it’s important. You should own your content, you can eventually syndicate on trendy platforms but keep your own base for your own content.

Catch-23: The New C Standard Sets the World on Fire - ACM Queue

Tags: tech, c, c++, standard, criticism

This is a very concerning for C… and it drifts apart from C++ further. The old “C as a subset of C++” position is less and less valid. Very unfortunate.

C++17 creates a practical use of the backward array index operator - The Old New Thing

Tags: tech, c++, programming, funny

Well, this is a bit obscure but we have to know it’s there somehow. Better not rely on it too much though.

mockneat home - mockneat

Tags: tech, java, tests

Looks like a nice Faker alternative for Java projects. Turns out I was looking for something like that.

Writing a Fast C# Code-Search Tool in Rust — John Austin

Tags: tech, parsing, static-analyzer, rust

Really nice little tool, this is indeed surprising how little code is needed for something like this. Treesitter is definitely a huge help there.

Slint 1.0: The Next-Generation Native GUI Toolkit Matures — Slint Blog

Tags: tech, rust, gui

Very nice milestone and interesting tech for sure. Congrats to them!

GraphQL: From Excitement to Deception | by Raphael Moutard | Mar, 2023 | Better Programming

Tags: tech, graphql, api, web

Nice balanced post on the pros and cons of GraphQL.

Is your Postgres ready for production?

Tags: tech, production, databases, postgresql

A sound list of advises, applicable to most database systems of course.

Pipes-and-Filters -

Tags: tech, design, architecture, pattern, c++

A nice pattern to know and master in my opinion. At least I turn to it on a regular basis.

Polars for initial data analysis, Polars for production

Tags: tech, data-science, pandas, polars, performance

Polars really looks like a nice alternative to Pandas with a nice upgrade path from data exploration to production.

Datapane - Build data products in 100% Python

Tags: tech, python, data-visualization

Looks like an interesting new building block to publish data visualizations.

An On-Ramp to Flow

Tags: tech, programming, productivity

I definitely used this trick from time to time. In the right context it definitely work. Leaving some easy mess on purpose is a good way to get back into a task the next day.

Follow-ups to “Incompetent but Nice” - Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Tags: management

Lots of nice advices in the followups. The previous article clearly lead to a good conversation around it.

Bye for now!