Let’s go for my web review for the week 2023-11.

MoonRay Production Renderer

Tags: tech, foss, 3d, movie

This is a huge! DreamWorks Animation releasing its rendering pipeline as free software.

Who reads your email?

Tags: tech, email, decentralized, self-hosting

This is very very centralized. No good surprise here unfortunately… and still email is really tough to fully self-host.

Microsoft just laid off one of its responsible AI teams

Tags: tech, ai, microsoft, ethics, gpt

Well, people asking relevant questions slow you down obviously… since the goal about the latest set of generative models is to “move them into customers hands at a very high speed” this creates tension. Instead of slowing down they seem hell bent at throwing ethics out of the window.

GPT-4’s successes, and GPT-4’s failures - by Gary Marcus

Tags: tech, ai, gpt, ethics, science

The lack of transparency is staggering… this is purely about hype and at that point they’re not making any effort to push science forward anymore.

Vim Best Practices For IDE Users

Tags: tech, tools, ide, vim

Very thorough overview of everything you can do with vim but also your IDE vim emulation.

What a good debugger can do

Tags: tech, debugging, tools

I find debuggers to be underused at quite a few places. A shame when you see what they can do nowadays, and they keep improving!

Git Worktree: Enhance your Git Workflow

Tags: tech, tools, git

An often forgotten feature of git. That said it is very convenient when we need to juggle several branches at the same time. This can save some time and space.

macige • mobile app CI workflow generator

Tags: tech, ci, mobile

Early days but could turn out useful when it gets more complete. Good way to easily have a CI pipeline targeting mobile platforms.

GitHub - huytd/comby-search: A code search tool based on Comby

Tags: tech, tools, refactoring

Looks like it completes Comby nicely for the search only case.

Remote Synthesis | The Price Developers Pay for Loving Their Tools Too Much

Tags: tech, react, culture, tools

Excellent post about getting too invested in a single tool. We can loose flexibility in the process. Also in the case of React, I didn’t realize until now that half of the web developers have never known a time when React didn’t exist!

In Defense of Crusty Old Swiss Army Knives // Zach Goldstein

Tags: tech, django, htmx, react, frontend, backend

Nice exploration of Django + HTMX + web components for a CRUD use case. Interesting insights and highlights some of the limitations with HTMX.

Choose boring tools – Eduards Sizovs

Tags: tech, architecture, complexity

Definitely this. If it’s too fancy and fashionable you’re likely to pay it in later with the undue complexity it introduced.

Debugging Architects - The Architect Elevator

Tags: tech, system, architecture, organization

Indeed, it’s important for architects to get their “hands dirty”. Organizations where it’s not the case prevent their architects to challenge their assumptions pushing them to stay in their ivory tower. It’s a good way for bad decisions to pile up over time.

Jade Rubick - Advice for new directors

Tags: tech, management

Interesting advises for higher management roles. The information gathering and the distorsion fields are key factors to have in mind to not loose perspective. Otherwise it’s when you’ll start doing more harm than good.

Research: Do People Really Get Promoted to Their Level of Incompetence?

Tags: management, hr, career

Interesting, this seems to empirically confirm the Peter Principle, at least in sales. Also shows that companies are trying to workaround it. Dual career ladders seem to be an interesting path for this.

No heroes needed

Tags: tech, team, management, project-management

Definitely this as well. Having “heroes” brings obscurity and hide the problems, this prevents management from knowing and handling the issues. This also create lots of missed opportunities for collective learning and improvements.

Nearly 40% of software engineers will only work remotely | TechTarget

Tags: tech, remote-working, hr, hiring

The report is very US centric. Still it looks like the future standard for developer jobs will be more and more remote.

See the First Complete Map of an Insect’s Brain | Smart News| Smithsonian Magazine

Tags: science, neuroscience

Very import milestone for brain mapping. Far from more complex animals of course and an insane amount of work each time. Still the common fruit fly is already revealing interesting new facts about neurology.


Tags: culture, japan

Interesting japanese term. “Complete what was originally intended”. A few more proposed at this end of this short post.

Bye for now!