Let’s go for my web review for the week 2023-07.

AMD Grabs Over 30% CPU Market Share As Intel Continues To Decline

Tags: tech, cpu, intel, amd

Interesting, this is likely a good thing for everyone to have AMD very much alive and the dominance of Intel fading away a bit. I wonder how the ARM based processors will position themselves in the server space in the future, this is still not much there (contrary to mobile).

Apple doesn’t want you developing hobby apps – Bennett Notes

Tags: tech, apple

This is really a stupid rule they got there. I really don’t get why makers would turn to this ecosystem it makes everything difficult.

Bing: “I will not harm you unless you harm me first”

Tags: tech, api, gpt, politics, ethics

There’s really something rotten in this AI “arms race”… they’re clearly making mistakes to go fast for PR purposes and using tools the wrong way. This can only lead to large scale disinformation if they don’t correct course quickly. This has more political impacts than it looks at first sight.

ChatGPT is a data privacy nightmare. If you’ve ever posted online, you ought to be concerned

Tags: tech, law, copyright, ai, gpt

For all the conversations about how chat GPT might displace jobs, there’s a big untold: how much of copyright is violated in the process? It’s also very concerning about how much data it collects when interacted with.

ChatGPT Is Ingesting Corporate Secrets - Schneier on Security

Tags: tech, ai, security, gpt

Are we surprised? Not really no… you don’t own any of the data you’re feeding it. Keep it away from your secrets.

Wolfram|Alpha as the Way to Bring Computational Knowledge Superpowers to ChatGPT—Stephen Wolfram Writings

Tags: tech, knowledge, gpt, ai

So transformer models produce things that look plausible… and that’s it. What would it look like if we started to make hybrid models in which a transformer model is also tied to proper computation tools with general knowledge? This piece is a good illustration of what it could provide.

A promising mess - Chez pieq

Tags: tech, linux, complexity

Indeed we’re clearly in a transition period on the Linux ecosystem. If it all comes out to fruition it’ll be better for everyone… in the meantime this throws quite some complexity at everyone (in particular for portability and deployment).

Reduce the environmental footprint of your mobile apps with SonarQube

Tags: tech, ecology, quality, metrics

Interesting plugin for SonarQube to evaluate the footprint of a mobile application. This should complete well what exists for desktop applications and web frontends.

Handbook - KDE Eco

Tags: tech, ecology, desktop, kde

Cool! It’s nice to see this handbook published. Should help quite a bit to have more desktop applications certified.

boxxy puts bad Linux applications in a box with only their files

Tags: tech, command-line, config, rust, tools

Oh, that looks very interesting. I’d definitely have use for this. I tend to manage several aws or ssh configs per customers and it’s not always easy to deal with. This could lead to a nice separation.

Why I’m not the biggest fan of Single Page Applications

Tags: tech, web, frontend

The article is a bit confused about what is really about SPAs in general or React in particular. Still it is clear they raise questions regarding accessibility and navigation. In turn, this requires a lot of careful implementation to make sure the user experience is acceptable.

Modularizing React Applications with Established UI Patterns

Tags: tech, architecture, web, frontend, react

Nice demonstration that web frontend can and should be organized like a regular GUI application (like a desktop application for instance). This will bring the same benefits in term of maintainability and modularity.

A “Notion-style” block-based extensible text editor built on top of Prosemirror and Tiptap

Tags: tech, frontend, web

Looks like a nice editor to use in web frontends.

The Heisenbug lurking in your async code - Textual

Tags: tech, python, asynchronous

This is clearly a dangerous pitfall in the asyncio API.

How C++23 changes the way we write code - Timur Doumler - Meeting C++ 2022 - YouTube

Tags: tech, c++

Nice talk about what’s new about C++23. Claims to cover only four features but uses nice presenter tricks so that you also take a quick peek at other features.

The Real C++ Killers (Not You, Rust) | HackerNoon

Tags: tech, performance, python, c++

A bit of a sarcastic tone but a few good point in there. Also shows interesting alternatives to C++ to squeeze every ounce of performance out of your code whatever the platform it runs on. Of the three options explored I knew only about Numba really.

Simple Physics-based Flight Simulation with C++ | Jakob Maier

Tags: tech, c++, physics

A very simple flight model which seems to do wonders.

When Rust hurts

Tags: tech, rust, programming, safety, multithreading

It’s good to also see articles which point out the problems with Rust. Overall I find it an interesting language but people tend to oversell it too much. This is a nice reminder it already carries complexity issues.

Re: Factor: Proquint

Tags: tech, encodings

This is a cool encoding I find. Might come in useful sometimes.

Fixing “Too much WIP” | by Jason Yip | Jan, 2023 | Medium

Tags: tech, agile, project-management

This can indeed quickly become a problem. This slows down everything and can bring with it a silent killer: context switching. It is avoidable though, there are good strategies to prevent WIP to go out of control.

Retrospectives Antipatterns

Tags: tech, agile, retrospective

Interesting first set of antipatterns… I clearly already encountered the “In the soup” and “Loudmouth” ones. This is like a long advertisement to the book of course but I think I’ll try to get my hands on it.

Bye for now!