Let’s go for my web review for the week 2023-04.

jwz:’s 25th anniversary

Tags: tech, mozilla

Well, happy birthday!

Tags: tech, copyright, law

It seems this isn’t necessary after all. At most if you like it you can put the year of creation of the copyrighted content, but the range and bumping it really isn’t necessary.

My Husband Was Right About DVDs All Along

Tags: tech, culture, vendor-lockin

Yes, streaming isn’t forever… it’s getting clear lately. That’s why I still have CDs of the music I really like.


Tags: tech, ai, machine-learning, art

Such generative models are getting more and more accessible. You can play with them using a few lines of python now.

Summer Afternoon

Tags: tech, browser, 3d

A very neat 3D experiment in the browser. The 3D abilities in this context made a lot of progress lately.

Hyperscale in your Homelab: The Compute Blade arrives | Jeff Geerling

Tags: tech, hardware, self-hosting

This is an interesting new family of hardware. Definitely to keep an eye on for homelabs.

Everything You Need to Know About std::variant from C++17 - C++ Stories

Tags: tech, c++, programming

Nice primer on std::variant. Covers all the bases of how to use it properly.

Language agnostic source code exploration and analysis - sylver-dev/sylver-cli

Tags: tech, static-analyzer, rust

Looks like an interesting (even though young) tool to make your own linters and to analyze code source.


Tags: tech, tests, docker

Looks like an interesting tool to deal with dependencies in some tests.


Tags: tech, project-management, agile, kanban, scrum

Interesting points about agile and lean approaches. In my view they tend to complete each other, that said the diagnostic of Scrum as practiced in most places today is not Agile is very true. So beware about what you’re doing, is it folklore? is it dogmatic? or do you really apply values and principles?

3 Tips to Learn any New Skill Faster - by Kunal Sarkar

Tags: learning

I’m not in full agreement with the content, mostly the social media bit. The following your curiosity on the other hand… definitely spot on.

MiniMit : the Minitel is back - Ulule

Tags: tech, hardware, minitel, funny

Don’t underestimate the Minitel, it is still the future! ;-) (content mostly in french)

Bye for now!