Let’s go for my web review for the week 2023-02.

A community isn’t a garden, it’s a bar.

Tags: tech, social-media, fediverse, culture

A very interesting metaphor. Indeed on social media we’re not dealing with gardens.

Study Finds That Buttons in Cars Are Safer and Quicker to Use Than Touchscreens

Tags: tech, automotive, ux

Not very scientific, but indeed thought provoking and taps into safety considerations.

I scanned every package on PyPi and found 57 live AWS keys

Tags: tech, security, secrets, python

This is apparently a somewhat common mistake. Something is apparently not easy enough to handle and error prone.

The yaml document from hell

Tags: tech, yaml

A few examples of why yaml is getting out of control. It is very very error prone at this point.

How to store your app’s entire state in the url

Tags: tech, web, browser

Interesting approach although you probably don’t want to do this systematically. For some applications it is a good idea.

Introduction - Just Programmer’s Manual

Tags: tech, tools, command-line

Interesting little tool. I usually use make for this kind of things, but it seems to bring some benefits for non build tasks.

Makefiles for Web Work – Ross Zurowski

Tags: tech, command-line, tools, unix

A love letter to Makefiles. A couple of interesting tricks in there.

What Happens When A CPU Starts

Tags: tech, cpu

Nice nugget reminding us the early steps and basic mechanisms of the CPU life at boot.

The Power of Prolog

Tags: tech, programming, logic, prolog

Nice resource to get started with Prolog.

Architecture diagrams should be code - BAM Weblog

Tags: tech, architecture, diagrams

I’m more and more tempted by this kind of approach. Managing architecture models using code seems fairly neat. That said I wish we’d have better free software tooling for that, I find it still fairly limited. Maybe I should check out the Haskell library which is mentioned.

Shopify: Say no to meetings | UNLEASH

Tags: tech, management, meetings

Always a good idea to seek reduction in time spent in meetings. I’ve seen this being too often a drain. Can get quickly out of control.


Tags: tech, unix, date, funny

It’s comiiing! OK… not quite yet. But if that prevents your sleep here is an easy way to check.

The science of why you have great ideas in the shower

Tags: science

Finally, we have an idea of why we get ideas in “strange” moments. Fascinating stuff.

Bye for now!