Let’s go for my web review for the week 2022-52. Last one before 2023 appears.

2022 was the year of Linux on the Desktop - Justin Garrison

Tags: tech, linux, desktop, foss

There it is… at least for the developers and gamers demographic.

I’m Done With Google

Tags: tech, DRM, vendor-lockin

More DRM anyone? It’s just a pain and locking people out.

Here’s who helped Elon Musk buy Twitter - The Washington Post

Tags: tech, business, social-media, politics

As they say: follow the money. That gives an idea about the incentives and various agendas behind this take over.

Escaping the Algorithms | Commonweal Magazine

Tags: tech, ai, gpt, culture, philosophy

There are a few reasons to worry about the latest strain of generative neural networks. One of them is the trust we can place in new generated content. The other one is indeed the impact on our culture. There’s been already a trend at focusing on what sells rather than what’s truly novel or avant-garde. This could well push it further. We’ll we drown in mediocre content?

AI: Markets for Lemons, and the Great Logging Off

Tags: tech, ai, neural-networks, gpt, trust, culture

A few compelling arguments for the impact of the latest strain of generative neural networks. The consequences for the eroded trust about online content are clear. I’m less convinced about some of the longer term predictions this piece proposes though.

IDN is crazy |

Tags: tech, security, dns

International Domain Names indeed opened a whole can of worms. This creates plenty of opportunities for confusions and mistakes waiting to happen… or to be exploited.


User interfaces that run anywhere Tags: tech, rust, frontend, webassembly

Looks like an interesting frontend stack. Still young but probably worth keeping an eye on.

More use of Rust is inevitable in open source software

Tags: tech, system, programming, safety, rust

Like it or not, this is definitely filling a very unique niche. It’s a very good fit for system software where safety is important and available time limited. There is no better option for now.

The Bitter Truth: Python 3.11, Cython, C++ Performance | Agents and Robots

Tags: tech, simulation, python, c++, performance

Python is getting faster but is still far from what you can get with C++ of course. That said, for simulations you likely don’t want everything in Python or in C++. Part of the challenge is to split the subsystems properly and use C++ where it matters.

Hash Collision Probabilities

Tags: tech, hash, probability

Nice article. Keep an eye on potential collisions indeed. Depending on the use of your hashes this can be critical.

Golang is evil on shitty networks

Tags: tech, go, networking

This is indeed a strange default used for sockets there… will have bad consequences for sure in more situations than expected.

A Gentler, Better Way to Change Minds - The Atlantic

Tags: culture, life, values

Good and reasonable advices… doesn’t make them easy to truly apply though. It’s likely worth trying to live by them still.

Tags: culture, public-domain

Now, rejoice! This is a big body of work entering public domain, at last! Will Mickey Mouse finally be next?

Bye for now!