Let’s go for my web review for the week 2022-47.

Open letter for the right to install any software on any device - FSFE

Tags: tech, vendor-lockin, foss

Definitely something to sign, let’s get back some freedom on the device we got in our pocket.

Digital environmental impact evaluation accross organizations

Tags: tech, ecology

I often find tools regarding environmental impacts on the client side. This group seems to focus more on the server side, definitely something to look into.

The Fediverse Could Be Awesome (if we don’t screw it up)

Tags: tech, fediverse, social-media

This sudden rise of the Fediverse is indeed a chance. Let’s hope it’s not wasted. Good list of things to pay attention to in this article.

Tags: tech, blog, rss

Woa, that’s definitely welcome. A strong list of blogs to use in your feed aggregator. Time to explore.

Tree views in CSS

Tags: tech, web, frontend, css

Nice CSS trick to make collapsable trees without too much fuss.

An Interactive Guide to Flexbox in CSS

Tags: tech, frontend, browser, css

Nice guide, the interactive parts definitely help. Good way to improve CSS use.

Internals of sets and dicts | Fluent Python, the lizard book

Tags: tech, python, performance, optimization

Interesting deep dive on how sets and dicts are implemented in CPython. There are a couple of interesting tricks in there.

Always use [closed, open) intervals. A programmer’s perspective

Tags: tech, programming, mathematics

Good reasons to use [closed, open) intervals. If you didn’t know where it was coming from, here it is.

D2 Tour | D2 Documentation

Tags: tech, diagrams

That looks like a nice declarative language to make diagrams. Missing sequence diagrams but otherwise seems fairly useful and readable.

Ignore RuboCop changes in Git Blame

Tags: tech, git

Now this is a very interesting trick for git. This way large reformatting commits are less of a concern when exploring commit history.

Inhumanity of Root Cause Analysis – Verica

Tags: tech, complexity, project-management, failure, postmortem

A bit heavy handed in the way it tries to paint Root Cause Analysis as evil. Still it has good points about its shortcomings. In particular I appreciate the emphasis on complexity which indeed points to have contributing factors and unexpected outcomes. Definitely things to keep in mind for any postmortem efforts.

The Ancient Japanese Technique That Produces Lumber Without Cutting Trees

Tags: history, japan, ecology

Very interesting technique. Clearly some more work but prevents deforesting like mad for lumber. It’s amazing to see those… clearly a bit like giant bonsais.

Bye for now!