Let’s go for my web review for the week 2022-45.

Do Users Write More Insecure Code with AI Assistants?

Tags: tech, programming, ai, machine-learning

Very early days for research on this topic and the sample is rather small still. That said the results are interesting, there seems to have a few biases inherent to the use of such an assistant, there’s also clearly a link between the AI agency and the quality of what gets produced. We’ll see if those result holds to larger studies.

Microsoft is phoning home the content of your PowerPoint slides. | Roger Mexico’s Oscillator

Tags: tech, microsoft, surveillance

Indeed in the context of the feature it kind of make sense… still, where was the consent or the warning to the user?

Mobilizon v3: Find events and groups throughout the fediverse! – Framablog

Tags: tech, framasoft

An important project in my opinion, glad to see it’s moving forward at a nice pace.

hishtory: Your shell history: synced, queryable, and in context

Tags: tech, tools, command-line

OK, that looks like shell history on steroids. Definitely something I will try out.

Containers are chroot with a Marketing Budget - Earthly Blog

Tags: tech, docker, chroot

A good reminder of what’s truly at the root of the container idea.

Stop requiring only one assertion per unit test: Multiple assertions are fine - Stack Overflow Blog

Tags: tech, tests, tdd, design

Indeed, I encounter that same idea in some people. I’m unsure where it comes from, it feels like reading and extrapolating from something more reasonable (it’s like the “one test per line” I sometimes hear about). Bad idea indeed, it’s fine to have several assertions, it’s probably often required to avoid complexity explosion in your tests. This of course doesn’t mean your test should become unfocused.

What is a developer experience team?

Tags: tech, developer-experience

Very important topic. Nice to see more such teams appearing and thinking now focusing on how to structure them.

FizzBuzz Enterprise Edition

Tags: tech, architecture, funny, java

OK, this is funny. Clear over-engineering non sense for the sake of it.

How to lead strategically every day — Lena Reinhard

Tags: business, management, leadership, strategy

Interesting framework for sustaining a strategic train of thoughts for the long term. This can’t be a fix thing, it needs to live and breather which this approach seems to foster.

How to Present a Strategy in 6 Slides | by Shea Cole | Medium

Tags: business, strategy

Nice succinct form to present a strategy.

“It would be career limiting…”

Tags: tech, project-management, failure

Interesting story on how power plays can sometimes completely hide the fate of a project until it’s too late. Definitely a cautionary tale.

Too much efficiency makes everything worse: overfitting and the strong version of Goodhart’s law | Jascha’s blog

Tags: tech, ai, machine-learning, optimization, science, politics, economics

Interesting food for thought. Not necessarily easy to see it used in as many fields as the article claims. Maybe a bit too much on the techno solutionist side at times. Still, that sounds like an interesting guideline and path to explore.

It’s not you.. A mental model for addressing burnout

Tags: management, business, work, burnout

Interesting take on burnout as an organizational phenomenon and the consequences. This is not simply about the amount of work.

Just Don’t · ongoing by Tim Bray

Tags: psychology, linguistics, problem-solving

Indeed, be careful when using “just”. It’s often doing more harm than anything.

Introduction to Genomics for Engineers | Introduction to Genomics for Engineers

Tags: genomics, biology, science

Oh that looks really cool… will need quite some time to go through this though.

Bye for now!