Let’s go for my web review for the week 2022-44.

The bird, the billionaire and the precipice. –

Tags: tech, twitter, attention-economy

Spot on analysis. What could Musk do with Twitter? Why? Several theories but clearly this will impact and distort even more the information landscape.

The SAFe Delusion – Information for decision-makers considering the SAFe framework

Tags: tech, agile, criticism, safe

Finally out of Google Docs it seems. Better version for sharing around. Still an interesting list of case studies and opinions around SAFe. I learned a few things, I didn’t realize it’s creation was so disconnected from the pre-existing agile community. It all seems to confirm my opinion that it’s better to stay away from it though. The few organizations I know of which use it are clearly very much in a command and control mode. This is going backwards.

Phylum Discovers Dozens More PyPI Packages Attempting to Deliver W4SP Stealer in Ongoing Supply-Chain Attack

Tags: tech, python, security, supply-chain

OK, this is a weird but real supply chain attack on going in the Python ecosystem.

Plasma 5.26 review - Pretty reasonable

Tags: tech, kde

Always pleasant to see a nice and positive review!

The type system is a programmer’s best friend

Tags: tech, programming, safety, type-systems

Definitely this! It’s important to model properly your domain and leverage smart value types everywhere it makes sense. This can prevent quite a few different types of bugs.

Early speed optimizations aren’t premature

Tags: tech, programming, optimization, performance

Good reminder that “premature” doesn’t mean “early”. Poor Knuth is so often badly quoted in the context of optimization that it’s really sad. The number of times I see “early pessimisation” on the pretense of avoiding “premature optimization”. Such a waste…

Good old-fashioned code optimization never goes out of style

Tags: tech, programming, optimization

What the title said, there’s nothing fancy about optimizations. It’s mostly well known knowledge, doesn’t change much over time or on different stacks… still it’s very satisfying.

How to communicate effectively as a developer

Tags: tech, communication, writing

If you like remote work, then you need to make sure your written communication is good. There’s a handful of proper guidelines in this paper. Good reminders.

Bye for now!