Very much later in the day than the usual, I was busy doing things with interlocking brick somehow… Anyway, let’s go for my web review for the week 2022-43.

Microsoft Confirms Server Misconfiguration Led to 65,000+ Companies’ Data Leak

Tags: tech, cloud, microsoft, security, leak

Let’s put all our data in bigger and bigger silos… what could possibly go wrong?

Stop writing Twitter threads! - Chez pieq

Tags: tech, twitter, blog

Hear! Hear! Let’s have the blogs back pretty please… I hate those threads.

s l o w  r o a d s

Tags: tech, gaming, casual

OK, this is a funny concept for a casual game. I wish it’d be Free Software of course.

SadServers - Troubleshooting Linux Servers

Tags: tech, linux, production, server

OK, that looks like cool challenges to train your troubleshooting skills.

Stranger Strings: An exploitable flaw in SQLite | Trail of Bits Blog

Tags: tech, sql, sqlite, security, tests, coverage

Interesting bug in SQLite. In particular look for the conclusion regarding tests and coverage. It’s something I often have to remind people of.

Blending Modes | Dan Hollick 🇿🇦

Tags: tech, graphics, blending, gui

Nice summary of the various blending modes you can use in graphics. Well done.

Programming Portals

Tags: tech, design, command-line, gui, programming

Very interesting musing about the UX divide between GUI and CLI/text and how this could be approached to have both interacting better.

Python Design Patterns

Tags: tech, design, programming, python

OK, the writing is sometimes a bit biased in my opinion (didn’t you know Python is superior to any other language?). That being said, this is an interesting resource to get ideas on how the GoF proposed set of design patterns apply in the Python world. I like this kind of “how do things relate” resources.

A Flexible Framework for Effective Pair Programming — Culture (2022)

Tags: tech, pairing, programming, culture

Very thorough article with plenty of tips and ideas on how to run nice pair programming sessions.

Information for decision-makers considering the SAFe framework - Google Docs

Tags: tech, agile, criticism, safe

This feels odd to be hosted on a Google Doc, but this is an interesting list of case studies and opinions around SAFe. I learned a few things, I didn’t realize it’s creation was so disconnected from the pre-existing agile community. It all seems to confirm my opinion that it’s better to stay away from it though. The few organizations I know of which use it are clearly very much in a command and control mode. This is going backwards.

Performance “Seasons” Are Useless — Use Anniversary Reviews Instead - Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Tags: management, hr

As I could experience both, I concur. Anniversary reviews are just much better for everyone involved.

Why you feel uncertain about everything you make

Tags: management, business, feedback

Interesting point. It’s clearly not easy to get proper feedback depending the size of the group we’re reaching out to.

What “Work” Looks Like - Jim Nielsen’s Blog

Tags: management, collaborative

Maybe a bit heavy handed in the way it is presented in this piece. Still, constant brainstorming can get in the way of true focus or getting in the zone. This is definitely needed for some problems.

What’s wrong with medieval pigs in videogames? - Leiden Medievalists Blog

Tags: tech, history, gaming, farming

Very interesting article. The medieval pig is totally not like we imagined, both on how it looked or how it behaved.

Fujimoto’s Five Books are now Public Domain - Origami by Michał Kosmulski

Tags: art, origami, japan

Wow, now that’s a serious body of work about origamis being in the public domain! Rejoice!

Plastic recycling remains a ‘myth’: Greenpeace study

Tags: ecology

The best plastic remains the one which wasn’t produced in the first place. Time for more returnable and reusable containers for a start?

Bye for now!