Let’s go for my web review for the week 2022-41.

How a deepfake Mark Ruffalo scammed half a million dollars from a lonely heart • Graham Cluley

Tags: tech, scam, fake, ai, machine-learning

It was only a matter of time I guess… this is sad.

RSS Club: School vs Wikipedia - ratfactor

Tags: tech, wikipedia, google, school, science

I agree, I don’t get why Wikipedia gets bad reputation in school. I’m dismayed at then whatever bogus argument they have being used to push for using Google instead… it’s like, back in the days, asking pupils to not use the encyclopedia they maybe had at home and walk into the nearby pub to find information.

Self Hosting Git Repositories with Stagit | Jon Eskin’s Website

Tags: tech, git, self-hosting

Looks like a neat and light option to self-host git repositories.

Moving files in ZSH - The wonderful world of zmv ·

Tags: tech, shell, command-line, zsh

OK… didn’t know about zmv. This looks really cool, I’ll add it to my tool belt.

cppq: Simple, reliable & efficient distributed task queue for C++17. Backed by Redis.

Tags: tech, c++, distributed

Looks like an interesting little C++ library. If ever you need a distributed task queue on your project.

How Wine works 101

Tags: tech, linux, windows, wine

Very complicated software. If you ever wondered how it works. Now you know.

Seven Sins of Numerical Linear Algebra – Nick Higham

Tags: tech, programming, matrix, linear-algebra, algorithm, mathematics

Useful list of gotchas if you need to dabble in linear algebra. You gotta love those floats.

Using a Framework will harm the maintenance of your software

Tags: tech, programming, architecture, framework

A bit messy sometimes and a few arguments seem weak to me. Still the core message holds: don’t let a framework rule your project.

TDD and ‘Discipline’

Tags: tech, programming, tdd

Excellent piece on joy being a better drive than discipline. This then dabbles into why TDD might not work for you.

Struggling to connect on your remote team?

Tags: tech, remote-working, culture

I don’t think I ever applied all of this. Still some of it definitely work, the rest are ideas worth trying at least.

Know your carrying capacity - Mac Chaffee

Tags: work, life, organization

Very good point, make sure you know how much you can take and how much you’re actually carrying. We’re our worst enemy for these things.

Take a Break You Idiot

Tags: work, life, burnout

I’ve witnessed that too many times. Take care people! Stay safe.

Mike Acton’s Expectations of Professional Software Engineers - Adam Johnson

Tags: tech, programming, team, craftsmanship, improving

Very good list. It sets the bar very high! I know most people will fail on a few of those items. It’s fine this gives a good direction and something to aim for.

Role Title Terminology - Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Tags: management, organization

Nice summary of common terms used for roles in companies.

Bye for now!