I’m back from Akademy, it was a blast I was glad to be there and meet people in person again. Now let’s go for my web review for the week 2022-40.

TikTok Tracks You Across the Web, Even If You Don’t Use App - Consumer Reports

Tags: tech, social-media, surveillance, attention-economy

The most addictive and also tracking you everywhere it can (unsurprisingly). Toxicity at its highest.

A multi-language bindings generator for rust

Tags: tech, rust, bindings

This should hopefully ease the pain of mixing Rust with other languages.

Pull Rust introductory support from Kees Cook

Tags: tech, linux, kernel, rust

This is definitely a big deal both for the kernel and for Rust.

A curated collection of diagramming tools used by software engineering teams

Tags: tech, architecture, diagrams

A good list of tools for making diagrams in various situations.

Laurence Tratt: UML: My Part in its Downfall

Tags: tech, architecture, design, uml, history

Very interesting post about the history of UML and the MDA approach. Clearly MDA and UML v2 was the beginning of the end for UML. That’s too bad, I find UML still useful for sketching and communication between humans.

Monday’s Engineering - Personal Development Plan

Tags: tech, hr, management, career

Interesting career ladder example. I especially like the various dimensions they focus on.

Staff engineer archetypes. | Irrational Exuberance

Tags: tech, management, tech-lead, team

Interesting little taxonomy of staff engineer roles. This can help to know from where you’re talking in your organization.

First make the change easy, then make the easy change

Tags: tech, life, xp, refactoring

Good point, this little wisdom from Kent Beck goes further than just code and refactoring.

An end to doomerism - Big Think

Tags: life, philosophy

Although I disagree with some of the examples she summons, I think she indeed has a point.

Bye for now!