Let’s go for my web review for the week 2022-39.

Penpot inks $8M as signups for its open source spin on Figma jump 5600% after Adobe’s $20B acquisition move | TechCrunch

Tags: tech, design, penpot

Go Penpot! Go! I hope to see it growing further.

So when did POP and IMAP become a “legacy protocol?” - The Boston Diaries - Captain Napalm

Tags: tech, microsoft, vendor-lockin

This is indeed a concerning move… it’s not about legacy, it’s about closing an ecosystem.

The appeal of small computers •

Tags: tech, computers, small

This! There’s definitely something interesting with those very focused devices. The problem though is carrying them + something else for other uses. This adds up quickly.

What Not to Recommend to Flatpak Users | TheEvilSkeleton

Tags: tech, flatpak

A little collection of dirty tricks that you should probably not use on Flatpak installs.

Tags: tech, command-line, json

This looks interesting. Definitely something to add to the tool belt. Coupled with jq this becomes very powerful.

Why Rust is actually good for your car. | by Johannes Foufas | Volvo Cars Engineering | Sep, 2022 | Medium

Tags: tech, rust, embedded, automotive

Interesting interview about some serious usage of Rust in the embedded space. That’s where I’d expect it to shine.

Making python fast for free - adventures with mypyc – MeadSteve’s Dev Blog

Tags: tech, python, performance, mypy, compiler, type-systems

This is good news, this provide more venues for improving performances in Python modules next to switching to compiled Rust with something like PyO3. There’s clearly a case to be more for not having to rewrite when the codebase was already mostly Python.

I hold the opinion that state machines are underrated

Tags: tech, design, programming, statemachines

I definitely agree with this opinion. We definitely don’t use state machines enough

Want cleaner code? Use the rule of six

Tags: tech, programming

This is an interesting simple rule so know when to split something, I like it.

The 4 minute bug | Alejandro AR (kinduff)

Tags: tech, bug, debugging, team

Definitely a case of a very interesting bug found in production. In the end, the root cause is the loss of context because people working on the components changed. Never underestimate the knowledge lost when someone leaves.

Complexity and software engineering | Well, quite.

Tags: tech, complexity, technical-debt

Interesting points about complexity. Indeed it’s everywhere the problem is when you start to silently (and unwillingly) worship it… coupled with fear of changes this can only lead to piling more and more complexity in your systems.

Guiding principle: Think Big, Work Small | by Jason Yip | Sep, 2022 | Medium

Tags: tech, agile, product-management, project-management, vision

This is an interesting way to frame it. I generally talk with people about making sure you got vision and horizon in your product backlog (which then requires adequate grooming). Still this sounds like a simpler to grasp wording here. Probably good for a first approach.

Be critical or be corrupted

Tags: tech, organization, project-management, product-management, management, metrics

Interesting way to highlight Goodhart’s Law. Indeed you can be corrupted by the very system you put in place if if it’s mainly driven by metrics. As much as possible, think qualitative, not quantitative.

How I interview engineers to assess ability to deliver impact | Metaview Blog

Tags: hr, interviews

Interesting set of tips for interviews. Definitely inspiring to dig deeper on a candidate motives and behaviors.

Learning is Remembering

Tags: learning, memory

Good explanation of the relationship between memory and learning… it’s not quite what one would intuitively think, things need to be in long-term memory first which means you need to repeat things somehow so that they end up there (otherwise they’re just in the temporary working memory).

Bye for now!