Let’s go for my web review for the week 2022-35.

Visual Studio Code is designed to fracture

Tags: tech, tools, programming, microsoft, foss

More elements on why we should all be concerned about Visual Studio Code and the state of development tools overall. It’s clearly moving more and more proprietary. Visual Studio Code’s ecosystem is a very well designed trap. I see it more and more around me (even tried it for a little while to see what it was all about). What can I say… Go Kate Go! And also we clearly need many more LSP servers.

Exploring 12 Million of the 2.3 Billion Images Used to Train Stable Diffusion’s Image Generator -

Tags: tech, ai, art, machine-learning

Interesting first exploration of a tiny part of the data set. If you read closely, this shows some of the potential biases in there.

4.2 Gigabytes, or: How to Draw Anything - ⌨️🤷🏻‍♂️📷

Tags: tech, ai, art, machine-learning

I’d lie if I said I’m not slightly fascinated by what you can do with Stable Diffusion…

Things not available when someone blocks all cookies

Tags: tech, web, browser

It’s at least nice to see people paying attention to this and fixing their applications accordingly.

Is premature optimization the root of all evil? | Secret Weblog

Tags: tech, optimization, performance

Let’s put this quote back in its context, shall we?

Filtering my RSS reading - All this

Tags: tech, xslt, rss

Interesting use of XSLT (blast from the past!) to quickly filter RSS feeds.

Code: Falsehoods programmers believe about email

Tags: tech, email

This mistakes are indeed widespread too much for my taste.

OCaml at First Glance

Tags: tech, programming, ocaml

I think this is a fair account on the state of OCaml in 2022. I wish it’d have grown more and have a bigger community by now. Nice little language still.

Some ways to get better at debugging

Tags: tech, debugging

Nice categorization of the knowledge and skills needed for debugging. Definitely something to keep in mind to focus your efforts.

Devbox: Instant, easy, predictable shells and containers.

Tags: tech, tools, docker

Early days but this potentially looks like an interesting tool to manage developer environments.

You Should Be Using Python’s Walrus Operator - Here’s Why | Martin Heinz

Tags: tech, python, programming

Still controversial in the Python community, this post shows a balanced view on where it makes sense and where it doesn’t.

Rockstar Developers Are THE WORST Developers - YouTube

Tags: tech, hiring, programming, processes

Unfortunately seems to subscribe to the 10x programmer myth at least partly while trying to debunk another one… apart from that, it was very insightful, shows well how it’s a team sport and how you want people to complete each other. The whole “rockstar developer” thing is a recruitment marketing scheme.

The False Trade-off between Quality and Speed

Tags: tech, design, quality, velocity, project-management, estimates

Good explanations on why trading quality for speed is always a bad idea. It also goes on about how to avoid sacrificing quality through the definition of done and proper estimates.

Why are you so busy?

Tags: tech, product-management, planning

Wise words, if you’re always too busy and overloading your team, it’s a sign of something… but what? It’s important to know since it’s what will drive the necessary conversation you need to have.

Bye for now!