Let’s go for my web review for the week 2022-32.

reb00ted | Is this the end of social networking?

Tags: tech, social-media, attention-economy

Interesting point of view… indeed, let’s see what rises from the ashes.

Amazon to acquire maker of Roomba vacuums for roughly $1.7 billion

Tags: tech, amazon, robotic, surveillance

With some of the late moves from iRobot to hoard data from their robots as they are mapping homes during their work, this acquisition is a tad worrying.

Gregory Szorc’s Digital Home | Achieving A Completely Open Source Implementation of Apple Code Signing and Notarization

Tags: tech, apple

Good news for anyone who got to target that evil platform… if you have to make a multiplatform application this might ease your pain.

‘The best thing we can do today to JavaScript is to retire it,’ says JSON creator Douglas Crockford • DEVCLASS

Tags: tech, javascript, web, browser

Admittedly I share the sentiment… I don’t think there is any viable solution in sight though.

Don’t call it a comeback: Why Java is still champ · GitHub

Tags: tech, java, history

Interesting Java history put in perspective. Indeed it’s been stagnant and have been picking up again… reminds me of another famous language.

Redis Explained

Tags: tech, caching, databases, redis

Nice primer on how Redis works and the type of deployments you can choose from.

pdf-diff: A tool for visualizing differences between two pdf files.

Tags: tech, tools, pdf

That looks like a nifty and convenient tool.

Reduce Friction – Ceejbot’s notes

Tags: tech, processes, organization, business, automation, codereview

Lots of good advices about processes and organizations. It’s nicely points out that friction is not necessarily wrong… if you get something out of it. Also neat reminder in there that code review are here to complete work which is already socialized somehow. If you can’t find reviewers it’s a sign of an organizational problem when the work started.

I assure you, medieval people bathed.

Tags: history

Let’s get the record about medieval time straight, shall we? They weren’t as filthy as we like to pretend, far from it.

How to get safe drinkable water for 20$ ? - Ceramic water filter - Tutorial - YouTube

Tags: low-tech, water

Seriously this is an awesome and badly needed technology. Let’s hope it spreads.

Bye for now!