Let’s go for my web review for the week 2022-30.

CosmicStrand: the discovery of a sophisticated UEFI firmware rootkit | Securelist

Tags: tech, security

This is an interesting (and concerning) type of rootkits. Hard to tell how much of it really is in the wild at the moment.

Twenty years of Valgrind | Nicholas Nethercote

Tags: tech, profiling, performance, history

One of the best developer tools around for analysis and profiling. I’m glad it exists, saved me a few times.

Tags: tech, search

Looks like a somewhat recent alternative in the search engine and document indexing space. Sounds potentially interesting.

Diagram as Code - by Alex Xu - ByteByteGo Newsletter

Tags: tech, markdown, diagrams

Good collection of tools, I knew a couple but not all of them. Will go well with markdown uses or similar.

Gum: A tool for glamorous shell scripts 🎀

Tags: tech, shell

Nice tool to spice up your interactive shell scripts.

Investigating Managed Language Runtime Performance

Tags: tech, performance, c++, go, python, java, javascript

Wow, this is a very good exploration of the performances of several common languages and runtimes. This is one of the most thorough I’ve seen. A good resource for deciding what to pick.

finally. #embed

Tags: tech, programming, c

Nice new feature coming to C. This is useful stuff. It required quite some fighting to get in though.

Retiring Some Terms

Tags: tech, craftsmanship, culture, tests, estimates, technical-debt, agile, refactoring

Very interesting musing about the technical terms we often use wrongly and how it difficult it is to be understood.

Why We Estimate - Embedded Artistry

Tags: tech, product-management, project-management, estimates

Now this is a well balanced piece about estimates. Starting from the “why” to decide how you approach the estimates and the level of details is just very good advice.

How finishing what you start makes teams more productive and predictable

Tags: tech, project-management, kanban

An advice I often give, it’s nice to see the theory behind it well laid out like that.

Gotta Be Good

Tags: tech, programming, agile, craftsmanship

Hear hear! It’s not supposed to be easy, you need to hone your practices.

Engineering Ladders

Tags: tech, management, engineering

That’s nice to see a reusable framework to help organizations get started with their engineering ladder.

How to Freaking Find Great Developers By Having Them Read Code | Freaking Rectangle

Tags: tech, programming, interviews

I already do some of that reading code for some profiles, although it’s more geared towards finding mistakes in the code. I like the proposed approach here, will try to do some more of it.

The Deadliest Virus on Earth - YouTube

Tags: science, vaccines

We often forget how much of a problem it used to be.

Bye for now!