Let’s go for my web review for the week 2022-26. It’ll be the last one for a little while, I’m taking an extended break, other reviews will follow after that.

Facebook Brands Jane’s Revenge as Terrorists

Tags: facebook, censorship, politics

Their moderation rules keep being opaque, random and then… dangerous. Especially telling is this quote: “Ukrainians get to say violent shit, Palestinians don’t. White supremacists do, pro-choice people don’t.” They privately get to pick who they like or not.

Give Up GitHub: The Time Has Come!

Tags: tech, github, copyright, licensing, machine-learning

There’s really a problem with GitHub overall… and the Copilot move is definitely worrying. Not Copilot by itself really but how they just don’t want to tackle the questions it raises.

GitLab CEO: ‘Remote work is just work’ | Fortune

Tags: tech, gitlab, remote-working, management

It’s great to see GitLab be such a public and outspoken champion of remote work. Let’s hope more organizations walk the path.

Run Windows, macOS and Linux virtual machines with Quickemu

Tags: tech, virtualization

Looks like a neat little project for easier desktop VMs management. Worth trying I think.

Introduction to OpenRewrite - OpenRewrite

Tags: tech, java, refactoring

Looks like an interesting tool to port code to newer APIs… too bad this seems to be very much Java focused only.

What’s new in Python 3.11? - DeepSource

Tags: tech, python

OK, this looks like an interesting release, next to the performance improvements there are quite a few neat new features as well.

Don’t let dicts spoil your code - Roman Imankulov

Tags: tech, programming, python, type-systems, data-oriented

Good set of advices around dicts. This is Python centric but some of it applies to other languages as well. Mind the lack of anti-corruption layer.

Things You Should Know About Databases

Tags: tech, databases, architecture

Nice primer of important characteristics of databases and transactions. With doodles so I’m biased. ;-)

Write Better Commits, Build Better Projects | The GitHub Blog

Tags: tech, git, codereview, craftsmanship

This explains fairly well the reason why I spend so much time doing git rebases or push for more readable history in branches submitted for reviews. It helps a lot with the reviews and with finding root causes of issues later on.

Prioritization is a Political Problem as Much as an Analytical Problem

Tags: tech, product-management, engineering, business

Very good set of advices in my opinion on how to prioritize product work in an organization. It very well accounts for the natural tension between sales/marketing and product/engineering.

Questions to ask the company during your interview

Tags: hr, interviews

Since I keep telling candidates interviews are also for them to know the company before hand, I welcome this kind of list. I’d like to have more candidates ask some of that. :-)

The Last Human – A Glimpse Into The Far Future - YouTube

Tags: scifi, philosophy, surprising

Interesting thought experiment… Let’s not screw up indeed and give a chance to loooots of people.

Bye for now!