Let’s go for my web review for the week 2022-23.

Why Complex Systems Collapse Faster - Tablet Magazine

Tags: complexity, philosophy, economics, politics, ecology, commons

An excellent piece about the links between collapse and complexity. Obviously focuses more on socio-economics systems. Still some of it applies to other fields.

The collapse of complex software | Read the Tea Leaves

Tags: tech, architecture, complexity

Interesting view on the state of our industry regarding complexity. Don’t despair!

Fallacies of Distributed Systems

Tags: tech, architecture, microservices, networking, complexity

The current microservices obsession not only invite undue complexity in systems, it also bring unprepared developers into network related traps. This is a nice summary of the common misconceptions around this.

A New Definition of HTTP

Tags: tech, http

This is a good thing that the corresponding RFCs keeps being updated.

Introduction | sake

Tags: tech, self-hosting

Looks like an interesting tool to simply manage personal servers.

#NoEstimates (Allen Holub) - YouTube

Tags: tech, agile, estimates

Old video. A bit preachy, especially in the beginning, but then covers well the arguments of why counting stories is likely better than estimating them. In my opinion there’s a catch that is not covered here though: the quality and granularity of the stories matter.

Help Geeks Feel Safe In The World: My Personal Mission

Tags: work, life

Yet another inspiring piece by Kent Beck. I like his blunt honesty and self-reflection.

Lift Energy Storage System: Turning skyscrapers into gravity batteries

Tags: energy, gravity, physics, surprising

OK, this is clever and surprising. Still it is an interesting prospect. We’ll see how far this goes.

Bye for now!