Let’s go for my web review for the week 2022-22.

8 reasons to ditch Chrome and switch to Firefox | PCWorld

Tags: tech, browser, privacy

Despite some flaws, I agree it remains the superior alternative.

Programming in the Apocalypse

Tags: tech, programming, culture, low-tech

Good exercise of prospective for our field. I don’t subscribe to all the analyses in there but the value is in at least starting the conversation about it.

Expert Talk: Managing Complexity in Software • Hadi Hariri & Kevlin Henney • GOTO 2022 - YouTube

Tags: tech, architecture, complexity

Interesting conversation around complexity in code bases. I especially like the point about imagination getting out of control and getting us into speculation. This is indeed often a reason for unwarranted complexity. That’s why you need to always keep the context in mind to make your choices. Also indeed fascinating to me is our ability to forget and reinvent something which was already there years ago. We really need more frameworks where we understand what’s going on all the way through…

How fast are Linux pipes anyway?

Tags: tech, linux, memory, optimization, performance, unix, system

Excellent deepdive about pipes, on the path to optimization we see how perf is used, how memory is managed by the kernel etc. Very thorough.

Today’s Javascript, from an outsider’s perspective – Lea Verou

Tags: tech, javascript

Everyone loves a good rant about the Javascript ecosystem I guess.

What the f*ck Python? 😱

Tags: tech, python, programming, surprising

Excellent collection of surprising behaviors in Python. If stuck or wondering why something works in a surprising way to you, it’s a good place to look.


Tags: tech, web, fonts, css

Good list of system fonts to use in your CSS.

My Mistakes

Tags: tech, craftsmanship, tdd, refactoring

Excellent answer, really loves how humble Ron Jeffries writings usually are. I like how he doesn’t prescribe what to do, but instead describes what happens to him when he does something he shouldn’t (or doesn’t do something he should). He’s definitely human and slips like us all.

Mob programming deep dive with Woody Zuill (The Changelog #488) |> Changelog

Tags: tech, mob-programming, craftsmanship, programming

Interesting interview which explores quite a bit mob programming, where it’s coming from, why Woody Zuill pushed for it, how it is done, etc. I didn’t expect his opinion on why he thinks the name being controversial actually helped spark the conversation around the practice… Very inspiring how he practiced for years to feel comfortable being on stage. I also love at how humble this person is through and through.

Asynchronous Communication is the Great Leveler in Engineering — Culture (2022)

Tags: tech, management, remote-working, asynchronous

Nice piece on how to handle asynchronous communication in a remote work setup.

Tags: management, decision-making, community

To me that sounds an awful like the “lazy consensus” often applied in communities. Still this is indeed a good approach.

Has “Nudge” tempted us away from systemic solutions? | Tim Harford

Tags: psychology, science, politics

Good points of the problem with nudge backed “policies”… they’re pretty completely avoiding to address the difficult political questions.

Knots 3D

Tags: culture

Looks like a nice reference of knots for most occasions.

Bye for now!