Let’s go for my web review for the week 2022-20.

Taking a Break from Social Media Makes you Happier and Less Anxious - Study Hacks - Cal Newport

Tags: tech, social-media, sociology, psychology

Interesting (although unsurprising) study (I advise looking at the actual paper) about the links between social media and well being. Of course it has a couple of weaknesses, we need more such studies to grow the numbers and reduce the biases.

Introducing VLC for Unity - Android Edition - mfkl

Tags: tech, video, 3d, vlc

VLC is really going everywhere. Glad to see it in this new venue.

Rust: A Critical Retrospective « bunnie’s blog

Tags: tech, programming, rust

Interesting balanced view about Rust. Looks like it highlights strengths and weaknesses properly.

Honesty is a professional behavior - Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Tags: business, communication, ethics, craftsmanship

Very good piece about honesty. It’s definitely a core principle to have good communication at work. That being said it covers also all the nuances of difficult situations and how to deal with them.

Cracking the Code: Sneakers at 30 • Journal • A Letterboxd Magazine • Letterboxd

Tags: culture, movie, hacking

Alright, I admit this made me want to watch that movie again… I loved it as a teen.

You Are Not Where You Think You Are - YouTube

Tags: science, physics

OK… I think it’s the best animation I’ve ever seen on that particular topic. Very well done!

Bye for now!