Let’s go for my web review for the week 2022-10.

Wartime Is a Bad Time To Mess With the Internet | Electronic Frontier Foundation

Tags: tech, internet, war

This would indeed be a very slippery slope…

Laurent Bossavit : “Les démarches agiles impliquent une forme de rébellion” | Tribunes | Acteurs Publics

Tags: tech, state, agile, coaching

Article in French

Excellent article in French from one of the most influential people of the agile community in France. He delivers an interesting story about how state agencies started to apply some of the agile values and principles but how unfortunately this wave is already receding.

Deep Learning Is Hitting a Wall

Tags: tech, ai, machine-learning, neural-networks

At last we might wake up from the “deep learning alone can solve every problems” fantasy. Looking forward to seeing human interactions and symbol manipulation come back in the AI field. Finding ways to pick and mix approaches is essential. Otherwise it’s meant to stagnate and lead to industrial hazards.

Infer Static Analyzer | Infer | Infer

Tags: tech, java, c++, static-analyzer

Looks like an interesting static analyzer, I guess I’ll try to use it on a couple of projects.

WebGPU — All of the cores, none of the canvas —

Tags: tech, web, browser, webgpu, gpu, vulkan, 3d

Interesting introduction into WebGPU. Nice to see it’s not quite Vulkan because some abstraction is needed in the browser (although, of course the approach is similar). There’s also a couple of design choices which are welcome to improve portability.

Now let’s hope it gets stable and widely supported soon.

Barcode Detection API - Web APIs | MDN

Tags: tech, web, browser, barcode

We’re really getting everything in the browser these days, even barcode detection.

Things I hate about Rust, redux

Tags: tech, programming, rust

Interesting and fair list of pain points around Rust. This is a change from the pure fan boy articles we see most times.

Refactoring, a Whole-Team Guide - XP123

Tags: tech, programming, refactoring

Good primer on refactoring, I especially appreciate the big fat warning about language erosion… the number of times I hear “refactoring” for something which is not a refactoring at all…

Stop Venting! It Doesn’t Work.

Tags: psychology, criticism

Interesting research explained. Apparently it’s more than time to put the catharsis hypothesis to rest.

Bye for now!