Let’s go for my web review for the week 2022-09.

Reflets coincidentally invites itself in the Ukrainian police cars |

Tags: tech, security, iot, ukraine

A good example of why such equipment needs to be properly setup and not just thrown in. Nice to see they quickly reacted and fixed the situation once the issue was reported.

I’ve been waiting 15 years for Facebook to die. I’m more hopeful than ever | Cory Doctorow | The Guardian

Tags: tech, facebook, gafam

Honestly… same here. There’s a chance it might finally collapse at least partly.

Interop 2022: browsers working together to improve the web for developers

Tags: tech, browser, web, frontend, css, interoperability

Interesting stuff coming especially on the CSS side.

GitHub - hoppscotch/hoppscotch: 👽 Open source API development ecosystem -

Tags: tech, web, api, tests

Nice application for testing APIs.

Python Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) and races | B. Nikolic Software and Computing Blog

Tags: tech, python, multithreading

This completes the article about why the GIL doesn’t prevent data races. It explains in a bit more detail how the incrementation was creating the data race.

Solid.js feels like what I always wanted React to be | TypeOfNaN

Tags: tech, web, frontend, javascript, solidjs, react

Not the first time I bump into an article about that one. Solid.js is definitely getting close to something I might enjoy using (unlike React which I dislike quite a bit).

5 things you don’t need Javascript for

Tags: tech, web, frontend, css

CSS is definitely a rabbit hole full of features. That delays quite a bit the time when you need to use Javascript.

How to make MPAs that are as fast as SPAs | Go Make Things

Tags: tech, web, frontend, complexity

Interesting set of tips. Indeed that’s a good way to reduce quite a bit the complexity of your application web frontend. Might not be always applicable though.

Win32 is the stable Linux userland ABI (and the consequences) - the sporks space

Tags: tech, linux, portability

Interesting food for thought at places. In any case clearly highlight the difficulties of delivering application binaries on Linux platforms in a portable way.

VIM - Minimal Setup Explained

Tags: tech, vim

Couple of interesting tips in that vim setup. Always surprising how much can be achieved with such a small setup.

Numbers Every Programmer Should Know By Year

Tags: tech, cpu, hardware, networking, ssd, performance

Oh this is really neat! This is a good way to visualize how it evolved over time, I find the period starting in 2005 especially interesting.

How Does Perspective Work in Pictures? | Aaron Hertzmann’s blog

Tags: tech, photography, 3d, perspective, vision

Very interesting article about perspective. It touches upon human vision, painting, photography and 3D. In the in what we produce is mostly an artistic choice and it gets into interaction with how our brains interpret them.

Bye for now!