Let’s go for my web review for the week 2022-08.

The United States of Amazon: The Day Amazon Sent the FBI to Take My Family’s Bank Accounts

Tags: amazon, legal

Wow, this indeed looks like a major flaw in the US legal system. It’s at least a good illustration at how major corporations can leverage it for bullying people.

Google Tag Manager, the new anti-adblock weapon | Tracking pixel

Tags: tech, google, surveillance, privacy

New way to track… this is really an arm race. Let’s see how the adblockers react to this.

Project Zero: A walk through Project Zero metrics

Tags: tech, security

Interesting statistics on how responsive several vendors and projects are regarding security vulnerabilities.

The Fastest GIF Does Not Exist

Tags: tech, gif, browser

Sometimes there can be interesting deviations between specs and implementations. Clearly this is still the case for the GIF format, with surprising results.

Data Races in Python, Despite the Global Interpreter Lock

Tags: tech, python, multithreading

Contrary to popular belief, data races are definitely a reality in Python. Don’t be fooled, the Global Interpreter Lock won’t prevent them.

How I Shaved 187MB Off United Airline’s 439mb iOS App

Tags: tech, bloat

Please remember to strip your symbols when you build software for production before it gets that bad…

Moving the kernel to modern C []

Tags: tech, linux

This indeed would be nice to see such a move. We’ll see if that’s doable or not in the near future I guess.

You can’t capture the nuance of my form fields

Tags: tech, web, frontend

This is so true… It’s just almost always better to use standard components in my experience. In particular it makes things easier for keyboard navigation and accessibility.

Five Things You Notice When You Quit the News

Tags: news, information

A good reminder about why I stopped watching the news years ago.

Bye for now!