Let’s go for my web review for the week 2022-07.

Amazon Co-Owns Deportation Airline Implicated in Alleged Torture of Immigrants

Tags: amazon, deportation

Yet another lovely company… very lucrative business, so it’s unsurprising it attracts fat cats with dubious values like Amazon.

Everyone Hates Facebook (but this is more than just about Facebook)

Tags: tech, facebook, surveillance, social-media

Indeed, let’s not forget this is systemic.

How Facebook and Google fund global misinformation | MIT Technology Review

Tags: tech, capitalism, gafam, fake-news, social-media, facebook, google

The big platforms clearly created the incentives for clickbait actors to rise… And then political actors entered the scene.

Google Search Is Dying | DKB

Tags: tech, google

Indeed, authenticity in the search results slowly died due to ads and SEO.

The European Parliament paves the way for removable and replaceable batteries - Right to Repair Europe

Tags: tech, battery, ecology

Definitely a welcome move… will need to be enforced of course. Let’s hope it won’t turn into yet another text without teeth.

Static B-Trees - Algorithmica

Tags: tech, optimization, performance, SIMD, algorithm, b-tree

Really cool optimizations for B-Trees. Once the layout is reworked this is a neat way to use SIMD as well.

Building for the 99% Developers

Tags: tech, tools, processes, craftsmanship

A good reminder that there is not a one size fits all solution in the tech world. Also be skeptical of the silver bullets that “obviously” everyone should use. Project context matters above all.

Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator

Tags: tech, map, generator, medieval

Very cool tool to generate random maps, go all the way to per-city generators through this:

Really cool stuff.

This scientist busts myths about how humans burn calories—and why

Tags: science

Definitely a fascinating research. It’s surprising how little we know about the topic… the article shows how difficult it is to collect data about it in the first place.

Bye for now!