Let’s go for my web review for the week 2022-02.

Facebook collecting people’s data even when accounts are deactivated

Tags: tech, facebook, gafam, surveillance

Ever had a Facebook account? Deactivated it since then? Well apparently the surveillance anti-feature is for life… Don’t be fooled, just delete it, which is apparently harder than it sounds.

Is Google Search Deteriorating? Measuring Google’s Search Quality in 2022

Tags: tech, google, bing, search

Interesting look at the results from two search engines and seeing where they’re good and where they fail.

UltraRAM Breakthrough Brings New Memory and Storage Tech to Silicon | Tom’s Hardware

Tags: tech, memory, storage, performance

Still very early days, but if that gets industrialized and the prices are not too horrible, this could bridge the gap in access times between memory and storage.

Simplicity of IRC - Susam’s Maze

Tags: tech, irc, low-tech, simplicity

Don’t use it much anymore for various reasons, but I still find the simplicity of IRC still appealing and elegant. It is a really neat protocol.

Make the Internet Yours Again With an Instant Mesh Network | The Changelog

Tags: tech, networking, ip, decentralized

Looks like a very interesting approach. This is still clearly for techies though, but time will tell.

Perspective · Streaming Analytics via WebAssembly

Tags: tech, data-visualization, web

This looks like a very interesting dataviz framework.

The Optional Chaining Operator, “Modern” Browsers, and My Mom - Jim Nielsen’s Blog

Tags: tech, web, obsolescence, javascript

Or why upgrades need to happen with care, especially with an open platform like the web…

Who wrote this shit? | Philip Heltweg

Tags: tech, programming

Always remember the human beings and the context behind the code you are looking at.

The 7 Code Review Manners. Not the code review we need but the code review we deserve

Tags: tech, programming, codereview

Not very profound but definitely useful tips on how to handle reviews.

Haskell for all: Funding isn’t the problem with open source

Tags: tech, free-software, ethics

Interesting piece which points out (despite its title) that it’s not simply about funding, this is also about the relationship between projects and large companies which try to squeeze value out of them.

Toxic Culture Is Driving the Great Resignation

Tags: management, hr, culture

Interesting exploration on why we see a large resignation movement (at least in the US, the study is US centric anyway). It’s clearly not only about wages and they are other even more powerful forces at play. First and foremost: mind your corporate culture.

Bye for now!