Let’s go for my web review for the week 2021-48.

Microsoft says its own Edge browser is more trustworthy than “so 2008” Google Chrome

Tags: tech, microsoft

Microsoft doing Microsoft things… those GAFAMs are all the same.

FTC Sues to Block $40 Billion Semiconductor Chip Merger

Tags: tech, nvidia, arm, antitrust

In my opinion, this is a good thing if that merger doesn’t happen.

The Internet is Held Together With Spit & Baling Wire – Krebs on Security

Tags: tech, internet, security, routing

Always amazed when such important routing systems are reached through very insecure means.

It takes a lot of energy for machines to learn – here’s why AI is so power-hungry

Tags: tech, ai, machine-learning

A reminder of why machine learning is currently so power hungry. It’s in fact (still) highly inefficient.

‘Small Data’ Are Also Crucial for Machine Learning - Scientific American

Tags: tech, ai, machine-learning, complexity

Or why we should keep an eye on transfer learning. This is one of the promising way to get a more efficient machine learning process. Might come with its own challenges in methodology complexity though, it’ll likely be easy to do it wrong and to notice that too late.

Firefox is the Only Alternative - (think)

Tags: tech, web, mozilla, google

Despite the problems with Mozilla’s politics and funding, this is the main reason why I use Firefox as my main browser (even on my smartphone). We can’t have a monopoly on which organization influence the web standards… unfortunately we get fairly close from that position.

PeerTube v4, more power to help you present your videos – Framablog

Tags: tech, peertube, framasoft

Really nice to see PeerTube making so much progress. Hope we’ll see more and more nice content hosted on PeerTube instances.

Why Etalab’s Free Software unit uses SourceHut -

Tags: tech, git, sourcehut

Nice to see such an organization use SourceHut.

How JavaScript engines achieve great performance | by Robin Heggelund Hansen | Nov, 2021 | Bekk

Tags: tech, javascript, optimization

This is a good way to get into how Javascript engines try to optimize the code thrown at them. It’s definitely not an easy job with Javascript…

Python’s None problem

Tags: tech, programming, python

Good reminder on why mypy is an essential mitigation to use when dealing with Python. This avoids some quite common mistakes.

What Will Enter the Public Domain in 2022? – The Public Domain Review

Tags: copyright, public-domain

Nice advent calendar listing some of the works to enter public domain next year.

Bye for now!