Let’s go for my web review for the week 2021-45.

Don’t be spooky

Tags: management, communication

Excellent advice for managers. Framing the context is always important. Otherwise this can create stress.

Stop requiring specific technology experience for senior-plus engineers | Mike McQuaid

Tags: hr, interviews, hiring

Definitely this… the amount of times I’ve seen this type of “x years of y” constraints for hiring people. It’s completely backwards, someone senior should be able to pick up new technologies quickly. Better focus on the ability to learn and other factors than limiting things to a particular stack.

Don’t Do Interviews, Do Discussions! - by Mayank Verma - Thinking Through

Tags: hr, interviews

Definitely agree with this. People are generally not used to this though. That’s why one of the things I tell people during interviews is “I got a bunch of questions but there’s no good or bad answer to them, they are conversation starters mostly”. It’s really all about knowing each other better first.

Unpacking Interview Questions - Jacob Kaplan-Moss

Tags: hr, interviews, hiring

Excellent series about interview questions to use.


Tags: tech, html, web, frontend

Another frontend framework which seems lightweight. Especially nice is the fact that it’s built on top of Web Components and that properties are properly reactive.

Spiders are much smarter than you think

Tags: biology, spiders, cognition

Fascinating research… indeed some spiders have really better cognition than we’d expect.

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